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Analysis of silicone model precision parts processing

by:QY Precision      2020-03-25
Silicone precision parts processing is a common processing material in Shenzhen hardware processing factory recently. The reason why the silica gel model is different from precision machining is that the machining cycle is short and the number of machining is relatively large. The most prominent is the low cost. If hundreds of models are made by other mechanical parts processing methods, not only the processing cycle is long, but also the processing cost is quite expensive. Usually CNC parts processing costs a few hundred dollars, using silicone film to do, only a few tens of dollars can be. Many friends of precision lathe processing will ask, what problems will be encountered in the process of processing silicone precision parts? Shenzhen hardware processing factory fuchengxi technology often encounters bubbles and shrinkage in the processing of silica gel precision parts. When the molding temperature of silica gel precision parts processing mold is too high, during the process of clamping and pressing, the silica gel raw material on the surface has already started to form, and the air is already trapped inside and difficult to discharge, so it will cause forming bubbles. In view of the above problems, Shenzhen fuchengxi technology suggests that only the molding temperature should be appropriately reduced. However, the shrinkage in the processing of silica gel precision parts is mainly due to the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction. In the process of molding silica gel, the liquid is just injected into the mold and the temperature is very high, however, when the silica gel liquid is cooled, the volume will shrink. Therefore, if the silicone precision parts processing model wants to be the same size as the drawing, it needs to be slightly larger when opening the mold. Shenzhen fuchengxi Technology Co. , Ltd. has been engaged in precision parts processing industry for more than ten years, involving non-standard parts processing, medical equipment processing, aluminum alloy processing, CNC lathe processing, etc, it is skilled in precision parts processing of raw materials including silica gel and can handle various complex problems in production. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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