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Analysis of machining allowance of CNC parts

by:QY Precision      2020-04-06
In the split milling cutter used for CNC parts machining mold machining, a button cutter head that can be used for profiling rough machining is provided. When the deep closed cavity is machined, the metal removal rate is four times that of the conservative ball head milling cutter. But more aggressive factories may want to consider the benefits of Snap-on end mills for heavy roughing. CNC parts machining spindle is used to directly face the machined workpiece, drive the work by the motor, rotate at high speed, and install the handle on the spindle to chip the machined workpiece to meet various production needs, the quality of the spindle will also directly affect the machining accuracy. If the internal bearing is worn, it will easily cause the accuracy of the spindle to swing into the spindle. At present, the rotation speed of the main shaft is generally around 8000 revolutions, and the high-speed machine can achieve more than 20 thousand revolutions. The Conservative machining center has only one main shaft per machine. In recent years, there have been double-spindle or even multi-spindle machining centers. A fully automatic machining method of numerical control. By manually inputting instructions, the machine can process the required parts according to the instructions, which is easy to program, flexible to use, high in efficiency and saves manpower. The purpose of leaving CNC parts machining allowance on the workpiece is to remove machining errors and surface defects left over from the previous process, such as cold and hard layers, air holes and sand inclusions on the surface of the casting, oxide scale, decarburization layer, surface crack on forging surface, internal stress layer and surface roughness after cutting, etc. Thereby improving the accuracy and appearance roughness of the workpiece. CNC parts processing technology is based on the process, changing the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object, making it a waste or semi-finished product, each method, detailed description of each process, for example, the rough machining mentioned above may include rough manufacturing, polishing, etc. The Finishing may be divided into cars, fitters, milling machines, etc. Each method must have detailed data. For example, how much roughness should be achieved, how much tolerance should be reached. CNC parts machining skills refer to modern machining skills that use ultra-hard data cutting tools to greatly improve the cutting speed and feed speed to improve the data cutting rate, machining accuracy and machining quality. The cutting speed limitation of precision machining varies according to different workpiece data and different cutting methods.
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