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an entrepreneur expands the lego universe

by:QY Precision      2019-09-13
Many good business ideas emerged in the children\'s games. Seattle-
Will Chapman, a local resident, can thank his youngest son.
At the age of 9, he wanted to know everything about World War II and use Lego toys to show history.
But his son was
He couldn\'t find everything he wanted.
Lego produces 19 billion pieces of plastic building blocks, numbers and gears used to make items each year.
But sometimes even 19 billion is not enough.
\"So we said, \'We try to make it out of Lego. But you can\'t.
Chapman said: \"You can\'t make weapons and helmets with Lego parts, so I said, \'Let\'s try to make them ourselves. \'\".
\"I just thought it was another creative adventure for Will\'s wife, Jennifer,\" said . \".
\"I really don\'t know it\'s going to be a business.
But one thing leads to another.
Chapman will soon step down as a software engineer and become an entrepreneur.
When you walk into the door of a company called BrickArms, you know that you are in the nest of a Lego fan.
Almost in this humble industrial space occupied by Chapman and his wife, you can see all kinds of blank Lego blocks in various colors, such as the head and Tosos.
You\'ll see Display cabinets full of authentic Lego mini toys, as well as Chapman\'s own work, like a World War II soldier wearing a band with bullet bags, canteens and straps printed on it.
It\'s amazing considering that the number is only about an inch and a half high.
But more. \"He\'s got a T-
The shirt and a little bit on his neck showed that on his back he had a medical bag and he had a practical bag and he had a few wrinkles and he said: \"shows what it would look like if the shirt was made of material. \".
You can\'t find something like Lego.
Christoph Bartneck, who wrote a lot about Lego and compiled a mini toy catalogue, said Lego made weapons and fighters from Wild West and fantasy world, \"But from the Great War or the modern war they did nothing.
\"He said it was a decision based on the company\'s idea of the right Lego game.
\"The theme of war is not well integrated.
Of course, the secondary market has met this demand . \"
Now, you might think that Lego will try to hire a lawyer in a company like BrickArms. but it doesn\'t.
While Lego did not publicly support them, it admitted that they provided something that fans wanted.
Chapman is free to turn the blank Lego blocks he bought a lot online into custom numbers.
His weapon usually costs about $1 per piece and he uses a computer
Assist in the design of the program and then prototype using an essentially enhanced hobbygrade machine.
Chapman taught himself a lot about the design and manufacturing process, but he quickly said advanced technology and software allowed him to do what he couldn\'t have done a few years ago.
\"I\'m often surprised that one can do it all and I can create something that doesn\'t exist,\" Chapman said . \".
\"Who can play with lasers, CNC machines, injection molding machines and high-end printers?
This is the most interesting job I have ever done.
Chapman said that although he did not become rich in brickham, he did a good job.
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