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american airlines settles safety claims for $24.9m

by:QY Precision      2019-09-25
DALLAS American Airlines agreed to pay $24.
9 million to address the potential penalty of $0. 162 billion proposed by the United StatesS.
Safety regulators
The United States says the money is a \"reasonable solution\" for the Federal Aviation Administration\'s claim to violate safety regulations involving aircraft wires and other issues \".
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On Thursday, the settlement was disclosed in a document filed with the federal bankruptcy court in New York.
Airlines often negotiate with the FAA to reduce potential penalties.
A us Airways spokesman said the company was satisfied with the settlement of the claim made by FAA during the AMR bankruptcy restructuring.
\"This solution recognizes many changes, including improvements to our maintenance and engineering processes, training, and inspections, and spokesperson Andrea huggery said in a statement: \"The audits conducted in the US over the past few years have addressed past concerns of the FAA. \".
America, the America\'s Eagle region-
Feizi and two other AMR companies have denied the crime.
But, they say, the outcome of the lawsuit with the FAA may be uncertain, and the settlement is a good commercial judgment.
The settlement must be approved by the bankruptcy court.
AMR is expected to stand out from bankruptcy protection and merge with American Airlines
Before the end of September
Complaints covered by the settlement include a 2008 suspension of the U. S. McDonald Douglas team. 80 aircraft --
Thousands of flights canceled-
Through the Wire.
S. Federal Aviation Administration says U. S. crew members have not followed proper procedures in restricting the wires on many aircraft, which increases the risk of fire and fuelTank explosion
On 2010, the FAA imposed a record fine of $24.
2 million in this case.
The airline insists that passenger safety has never been compromised, and that the FAA charges have been exaggerated.
When AMR filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2011, the FAA was investigating possible violations of other security rules by Americans.
Last summer, the agency filed a claim of up to $162 to the bankruptcy court. 4 million.
The FAA did not even notify AMR of some of the charges, but the agency rushed past the deadline for filing a claim and becoming a creditor.
S. Federal Aviation Administration\'s biggest claim-$39. 3 million --
There are allegations that the United States used the Boeing 757 on flights before the proper inspection and repair was completed. A claim of $28.
8 million of the allegations are that the Americans did not overhaul the main landing gear of about 30 jets in accordance with Boeing\'s recommended procedures at a cost of $27.
6 million of the claims relate to the work of different Boeing engines.
Investigation as a civil case.
The FAA said in the settlement that it did not find criminal acts or evidence sufficient to suspend the US operating certificate.
FAA officials declined to comment Thursday.
From 2007 to 2011, potential penalties covered so-called security violations. About $156.
5 million involving American Airlines, $5.
3 million reached a deal with Eagle, with $647,000 involving two other AMR subsidiaries.
In the settlement, $24 million involved cases in the United States.
Americans will be charged $4.
7 million held by the United StatesS.
Postal and Defense Department.
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