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Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
Com is launching machines to automate the work of thousands of workers
Pack customer orders.
In recent years, the company has begun to add technology to some warehouses that scan goods on conveyor belts and package them in custom boxes after a few seconds
Two staff members built for each project told Reuters.
These people say Amazon has considered installing two machines in dozens of warehouses, each canceling at least 24 roles.
These facilities usually employ more than 2,000 people.
This will cut the standard of 55 \"fulfillment centers\" in the United States by more than 1,300. Stock size.
They said Amazon expects to recover costs in less than two years, $1 per machine, plus operating costs.
The plan, which has not been reported before, shows how Amazon can drive automation of the most common warehouse tasks, reducing labor and increasing profits
Pick up an item
Still out of reach.
These changes are not finalized because it can take a long time to review the technology before a major deployment.
Amazon is known for automating as many business parts as possible, whether it\'s pricing or shipping items in a warehouse.
But the company is in an unstable position as it considers replacing jobs that earn subsidies and public goodwill for the company.
\"We are piloting this new technology with the aim of improving security, speeding up delivery and improving the efficiency of the entire network,\" an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement . \".
\"We expect to re-save efficiency.
Invest in new services for customers, where new jobs will continue to be created.
\"Amazon played down its automation efforts at the Baltimore fulfillment center last month, calling the future of a complete robot a distant one.
As the company opens new warehouses and raises wages to attract employees in the labor market, its workforce base has grown to become one of the largest in the United States.
One of the sources said that the key to achieving the goal of streamlining labor is attrition.
The person familiar with the matter said that the world\'s largest online retailer will one day stop working as a packaging job, not as a lay-off.
These people have a high turnover because it is a heavy job to pack multiple orders per minute within 10 hours.
At the same time, employees who stay in the company can be trained to take on more technical roles.
This new machine, called CartonWrap by Italy\'s CMC, is packed much faster than humans.
The sources said they took out 600 to 700 boxes per hour, four to five times the number of human Packers.
These machines require one person to load customer orders, another to store cardboard and glue, and sometimes a technician to repair the blockage.
While Amazon has announced its intention to speed up the shipping of its superior loyalty program, this round of automation is not focused on speed.
\"It\'s really about efficiency and saving,\" said one of the people familiar with the matter . \"
Including other machines recently launched by the company known as \"SmartPac\", Amazon\'s technology suite will be able to automate most of the manpower Packers.
The person said that five rows of workers in a factory can be turned into two rows and supplemented by two CMC machines and one SmartPac.
The company described this as \"re-
Workers are purposeful, the person said.
It is not possible to understand where the role may first disappear and the incentives (if any) related to these particular jobs ).
But Amazon\'s hiring deals with governments tend to be generous.
For example, Amazon announced 1,500 jobs in Alabama last year, and the state promised $48 for the company.
Its Commerce Department says it has been more than 10 years.
More than Amazon tested CMC packaging technology. JD.
According to a person familiar with its pilot, com and Shutterfly also use the machines, as did Wal-Mart.
The person said Wal-Mart started three and a half years ago and has since installed the machines in several parts of the United States.
The company declined to comment.
Interest in boxing techniques reveals e-
Today, business giants are approaching one of the main problems in the logistics industry --
Find a robot hand that can hold various items without damaging them.
Amazon employs countless employees in each fulfillment center who perform the same tasks.
Some pack up their inventory while others pick customer orders and others grab them, put them in the right size box and tape them. Many venture-
Supported companies and university researchers are racing to automate the work.
While advances in artificial intelligence are improving the accuracy of the machine, the hands of the robot still cannot guarantee to prevent the fruit sauce tank from slipping and breaking, or to switch seamlessly from picking up the eraser to picking up the vacuum cleaner.
Amazon has tested technologies from different vendors, including those from soft robotics in Boston.
A person familiar with the Amazon experiment said the region\'s start-ups drew inspiration from the octopus touch, making grip more versatile.
The soft robot declined to comment on its partnership with Amazon, but said it had dealt with a wide range
Change product categories for multiple large retailers.
Amazon believes that mastering technology is not yet ready for prime time, so it is automatically solving this problem when packaging customer orders.
Humans still place items on the conveyor belt, but the machine will build boxes around them and be responsible for sealing and labeling.
This not only reduces the labor force, but also reduces the waste of packaging materials, thus saving money.
These machines are not flawless.
CMC can only produce so much each year.
Two sources said they needed a field technician who could solve the problem when it came up, and Amazon would rather not. The super-
The hot glue that closes the box can pile up and stop the machine.
In addition, other types of automation such as robot grocery assembly systems of the Ocado group are also the focus of industry attention.
But boxing machines have proved to be helpful to Amazon.
People familiar with the matter said the company has installed them in busy warehouses close to Seattle, Frankfurt, Milan, Amsterdam, Manchester and elsewhere.
One of the sources said the machines had the potential to automate more than 24 jobs in each plant.
The company has also set up nearly 20 U. S. fulfillment centers for small and non-small businesses
According to logistics consulting, professional inventory may be ripe for machines.
This is just a sign that automation is coming.
One of the people familiar with the matter said: \"The ultimate goal is to \'light\' the warehouse . \"
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