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alternatives to new machines receive renewed interest.

by:QY Precision      2019-11-01
Re-manufacturing, reconstruction and transformation as budget cuts and machine sales fall--the three Rs--
First of all, several parameters get more attention: what do most people in the industry think of commodity machines-
Buy, use, change-
There is only a little controversy here.
The price of these machines is generally less than $125,000;
Most remakers and remakers do not work hard for it.
The return on investment in rebuilding commodity machines does not exist for customers: he is better off buying new ones and dealing with old ones.
Second, the machines considered here are generally very big and special (
Vertical lathe and horizontal milling machine)and old--
About 30 to 40 years.
That is why the decision to buy new or seek alternatives is crucial.
This is because the installation base of these machines is quite large, the parts they make are still very demanding, and other manufacturing methods for these parts do not exist.
There are original equipment manufacturers and. . .
Manufacturers with original equipment (OEMs)
In the machinery tool industry, which is very active in manufacturing, reconstruction and transformation should not be surprising.
I think of many famous brands: Cincinnati Machine Company of UNOVA (Cincinnati, OH)
Giggs and Lewis, SystemsCompany for elevator production in thyson (WI ).
Gleason\'s works (Rochester, NY).
These examples, like others, share a common life span, viability, and a truly global installed machine base.
When they decide to buy new or re-make, rebuild or transform what they already have, they also have the resources to offer a wide range of options to their customers.
John Bradley, operations manager for machine reconstruction in Cincinnati, said what his company did was \"provide services to customers who may have purchased some large machines from US 30 years ago, but we continue to support and will do anything for the client that is in his best interest.
\"All of these OEMs have fairly concise definitions in manufacturing, rebuilding, or remodeling.
Cincinnati machines define \"rebuild\" as a mechanical repair or replacement of any parts to restore the machine to its original specifications, while adding any enhancements that customers may want ---
For example, the spindle speed is higher or the lateral rate is higher.
The reconstruction process is mainly mechanical.
On the other hand, \"transformation\" includes the use of the latest technology to carry out electrical replacement or repair replacement of all machine Electrical that meets the latest manufacturer or industry specifications.
This will include Drive, motor and control.
According to Mr Bradley, \"This is actually a complete exchange of this machine.
After all, if you do not update the drive and motor, there is no benefit in installing a new controller on the machine.
From the perspective of Cincinnati, \"remanufacture\" is a combination of the two.
The machine is completely stripped and all mechanical and electrical components are replaced.
In the end, themachine was brought back to the original specification, and it is likely that it will exceed the original specification.
\"This is because we use new technology in control and driving,\" Bradley said . \"
We turned the analog drive into a digital drive.
We have installed a CNC control device where there may be manual controls or hydraulic drives.
As a result, we can usually double the feed rate of the spindle and sometimes triple the speed of the spindleorfourfold.
\"From the point of view of gilding and Lewis, these definitions are very consistent with the definitions of Cincinnati.
However, an observation made by Tim Ellis, a senior product expert, involves a completely consistent cycle or pattern: \"We make machines,\" Mr. Ellis said.
\"We install the machine.
It is under warranty.
Work overtime and customers buy parts and services.
And then he remade the machine about half.
Pass the cycle and get a new warranty.
He then buys parts and services. . .
The cycle continues.
Some of our machines-
Not only did we re-manufacture G & Ls, but we also made other products-
As long as the iron is good, I will build it again and again.
Gleason\'s work divides its definition into four categories.
According to Gary Figler, product director of oblique cutting, the highest level of the product is complete remanufacture and upgrade.
Mr. Figler said: \"In terms of remanufacture, the machine has completely restored the original specifications and parts --
Blueprint shopping.
In terms of the upgrade, we did a complete control upgrade, which could mean everything from basic relay logic to complete PLC and CNC.
The second layer is called \"repair \".
\"This includes raising the machine to an acceptable level --
The quality of the parts, but does not involve making the machine reach the previous manufacturing tolerances.
Mr Figler said: \"This is a lower-cost alternative, although it may not offer the same extended life as a re-manufactured machine, but it does fit the nichemany that any client is looking for, especially from a budget perspective.
Third, it is \"re-identification\" in which the main important mechanical properties such as the spindle or the drive train are repaired or replaced.
The fourth is the \"re-control\" package.
Mr. Figler noted that with the rapid change in control technology today, the controls they installed five years ago may no longer be available.
Mr. Figler said: \"These methods provide our customers with the basis for maintaining current production, increasing production capacity or improving the overall technical level of the plant.
It is important that we recognize that customers work within a very tight budget, and while full CNC may be desirable, it may not be practical from a budget perspective.
Over the years, there has grown to be an \"expert\" in competing with OEMsfor for this market \".
Dave Duquette, president of New Century restructuring
Santa Fe Springs, California)
He noted that his company is filling the aniche abandoned by most of the OEM community, which is a very large horizontal boring milling machine and vertical lathe.
Mr. Duquette said that the new century has replaced everything in manufacturing. -
Everything but actors.
\"We have all the new bearings installed,\" he said, \"ballscrews, the new hydraulic system, the new lubrication and electrical system, and the new Fanuc controls and components.
He noted that his company purchased components from the same source as OEM machine tool manufacturers.
\"One way to see atus is that we are OEM other than we don\'t do the framework.
Instead of taking our frame at the foundry, we went out into the wild.
Mr. Duquette said that his company used the same components in every re-manufacture: the same motor, control and drive, ballscrews, hydraulic system and lubrication system.
\"Whether the top of the machine is King or Bullard, G & L or Gray, when it comes in, we throw away everything but the frame, then install the same parts on each machine.
This gives us a huge cost advantage.
\"The commercial nature of the new century is changing.
Mr. Duquette said that about 60% of his business today is going out to buy large VTLs and horizontals, re-manufacture them and sell them.
\"In the remanufacture industry, you have to choose your segment carefully and we know what we won\'t do ---
Commodity machines, for example.
The maximum time we re-manufacture is four months.
Ellison Machinery International (
Santa Fe Springs, California)
The status of remanufacture is similar to that of the new century: only on larger machines can remanufacture be realized.
\"As part of the big uma network in 35 states,\" said President saysCraig St. John, \"it means we\'re at oldrucu 4-
Lathe and large planebed lathes.
But we want to split.
We want to be the world
We are known for being a big Okumas, and then we will apply that expertise and reputation to other machines.
\"According to Mr. St. John, Ellison has been rebuilding small machines that mainly use service personnel for 25 years.
On a large machine with more than 20 employees, they have been working for five years.
\"Good numbers, percentage-
Mr. St. John said: \"It is wise to say that the cost of a large machine that is re-manufactured should be between 55% and 60% of the cost of a new machine.
However, the cost of remanufacture is not direct.
A straight line relationship from $ zero to $200,000.
At some point, the lowest cost of taking the machine apart, re-grinding, refitting, and re-assembling.
When you get into a small machine, you will soon pass the value of 55% to 60% of a new machine, at which point it does not need to be re-manufactured.
\"Mr. St. John said the price of a new machine for $250,000 or more was a good benchmark.
Mr. St. John shared observations on how machine tools were once made and how they are now made.
The difference, he says, is computer entity modeling.
\"A few years ago,\" he said, \"machine tool manufacturers put metal into their machines just --in-case scenarios.
They don\'t have a computer model to tell them how much metal they need to handle deflection or a certain amount of repeated flux.
So, they add a lot of metal to the design to handle anything.
Mr. St. John called it \"just-in-
Engineering case.
Today, however, builders with countless modeling packages have gone to what he calls \"just-
Enough engineering.
\"They put enough metal into the machine and the computer model tells them that the metal is just enough to handle the heaviest load,\" said St. John . \".
Of course, in the real world of work, you can always go beyond these loads.
Another result of computer modeling is that today\'s machines are usually 30% to 40% lighter than the equivalent machines 10 years ago. \" (Re)
Establishing R. B through the \"special\" relationship (Bob)
Weston is president of Re -.
Machine transformation (Cincinnati, OH)
He has a strategic relationship with atiatimachine.
This means that he has been recommended for reconstruction from atiatimachine.
Mr. Bradley of Cincinnati machines explained this: \"We have a very large installation customer base and our main task is to satisfy our customers, especially with large 3-axis or 5-
We will send a team of Cincinnati to work with the contracted riggers manufacturing on site.
We also have customers who ask Cincinnati not to choose the rebuilding equipment to pursue.
When this request occurs, we will have our customers in touch with our \"preferred ReBuilder.
\"At the same time, Mr. Weddington acknowledged that sometimes it makes no sense to accept requests from customers for rework of old machines.
\"Sometimes, customers will want you to have a machine do something that it\'s not designed for,\" Mr. wettington said.
For example, he wants you to bring his 6 ft column to 12 ft.
There are engineering reasons why you can\'t do this.
You become so high that you lose the rigidity and accuracy.
Mr. Wethington said: \"One of the biggest problems I face as a ReBuilder is to educate the client about what control cannot do as part of the reconstruction and to educate the client about basic machine tool geometry-
According to the engineering design, what the machine can and cannot do.
\"We work on a lot of foreign machines, especially big ones,\" he said.
One problem with handling them is documentation.
If we do not believe that there are sound mechanical and electrical documents for our work, we are increasingly reluctant to cite them.
There is too much reverse engineering and speculation without it.
\"Chuck Queener, maintenance order manager, Toyoda Zhangnan Machinery USA, MI Wixom grinding machine division, said they are basically manufacturing/rebuilding anyone\'s machine, but they are limited to OD only
We now have 8 to 10 reconstruction projects and our goal is to have an average of 8 to 12 machines per year.
\"According to Mr. Quina, the re-manufacture of the grinder includes complete disassembly of the machine, steam cleaning of all major castings, sand blasting if necessary, and primer and painting.
Then remove, repair, or replace all components.
The main base and all the main traverse components are manual
Scraping for alignment and bearing contact.
Precision ballscrews are installed on the X-axis and y-axis, and new lubrication and hydraulic systems are installed. Customer-
The specified controls and electrical equipment are installed.
After that, the machine was tested in detail to ensure that the grinder met the specifications.
\"There are a lot of OD grinding machines that are 20, 30 and 40 years old that need to be re-manufactured and rebuilt,\" explains Mr. queenerexplins . \".
\"Many packages have the job of re-manufacturing.
\"Now,\" he said, \"the federal tycoon is working on a wide range of grinder remanufacturing projects, and most of what they are doing is --house.
However, they came to us to do a specific part of the process, which they did not have the ability to do --house.
\"There are 25 machines in this project, and according to Mr. Quina, the way it works is the federal delivery of the tired grinder to the ixom, and Toyoda started the initial
The Grinder was removed.
The base is ready and clean.
All traversal components are manual.
Scratches and new ball screws for alignment and bearing contact are installed.
\"Then,\" said Mr. Quina, \"We shipped the grinder back to the federation and they finished the re-manufacture.
\"One China in the future, and now (
And the foreseeable future)
For Re-manufacturers, re-manufacturers, and shopfitters, everyone in these three Rs will tell you something wrong.
Darryl Warren, operations manager of Ellison Machinery International, described this: \"From a technical point of view,\" he said, \"the most difficult thing to introduce old technology into new technology is something very basic: manualscraping.
There are not enough people who have the knowledge or ability to do this kind of work.
There is a lot of high-tech work in remanufacture, but there are also a lot of people
Skilled working hours.
Not only in this industry, but also in the whole machine tool industry, the biggest challenge is to find skilled labor.
My oldest scraper, for example, is 63.
My youngest child is in his 40 s and no new ones come in.
The reason is the disappearance of the American apprenticeship program.
I have seen these programs disappear.
\"Mr Warren\'s observations were echoed by Mr remachine & Goodfit.
\"The people I saw who came to look for jobs knew about computers and computers --
Auxiliary manufacturing (CAM)
No problem with the system.
But where do I find the forklift, fitters and machine operators?
Mr. Krishna of Toyoda added.
\"It\'s hard to find a forklift in this industry.
We let them in and learn the art of scraping. -
Because this is art, then they go out on their own.
To do this, it may take 4 to 5 years of training and experience.
Today, a good scraper can ask for a good berth. \" 3-
What needs to be noted for any remodel/rebuild project is to recognize that as a user you are more often involved in the triangular relationship: you, the remodel/rebuild, and his various components.
This is a good thing for both shopfitters and rebuilder, who tend to have suppliers deliver on their promises.
However, the triangular nature of this relationship is often constructed in various ways.
CNC engineering, control manufacturer, Enfield, CT.
By a named RIP (
Program for fitness training)
There, the company works with manufacturers, Rebuilders and small service companies that have the ability to install control packs but cannot install upgrades
Front-end engineering capabilities.
Gary Caravella, president of the company, explained that CNC has developed specific control packages for specific machines.
According to Mr. Caravella, the point of this relationship is that the re-manufacturer knows their business, the CNC knows the control business, and in particular the GE Fanuc, which is the only control specified by the CNC.
Another benefit is that the customer has the option to increase the machine functionality that the control manufacturer can offer through the re-manufacturer.
Mr. Caravella said: \"For example, the machine owner may wish to add additional power or programming capabilities, such as macro programming for adding touch probes.
Working together like this, we can provide customers with greater capabilities than the original machine.
\"Chris Webb, control product manager, Schaumburg, Heidelberg, has a more formal approach when withrebuilders/flipfitters and terminalsuser customers.
\"We have a comprehensive capacity assessment of anyone who wants to transform the Heidelberg control system in reconstruction,\" Mr Weber said . \".
What is involved is through some steps.
First of all, the performance of arebuilder or shopfitter to write PLC is studied.
Other things to check include the ability to run the wire, understand the circuit diagram, and-
In addition to PLCbut, it also began to involve mechanical and electrical problems of the transformation.
Safsmr Weber then offers free control training to ensure he is confident in working with heidenhaincontrol.
Finally, contact the end user directly to reassure the customer that he is getting support from the control manufacturer.
\"Once a worker or reconstruction worker is qualified for us, we become a member of ateam ---
Hedgean, flipfitter, and customers.
\"When it comes to ball screw repair, speed and rotation --
This is often the case in daily life.
\"We make screws for anyone,\" ErnieMachelski said . \" Conversion and repair services (CRS)
Manager of Tomson Saginaw, Michigan.
\"English, rice, internal returns, external returns, end returns, ranging from 3/16\" to 18 \", not limited in length, we can do this as we are also the manufacturer of OEM ballscrew ourselves.
In addition, we have a dedicated CRS team dedicated to maintenance work.
Mr. Machelski said: \"We solve the problem of customer downtime . \"
We offer an exchange program for him to continue his work.
\"Jack Laban, vice president of operations at Mika cadillac weddin International, said that in addition to being known for making the world\'s largest ballscrews ---
Diameter up to 19 \", unlimited length--
They are also known for their quick turnaround on screw remodeling.
Mr. Rabun said: \"We have a core team and their whole purpose is to rebuild ballscrews.
Mr. Rabun said: \"We took the screws in and diagnosed what was wrong and within three hours we faxed the information and quotation to the customer.
\"Then we know what technology we actually have.
According to Tim Greve, Midwest service center manager, and Carmen Roser, operations manager, Midwest Service Center, Cincinnati SetcoSales Co, OH, a large part of the spindle repair work is educational.
A typical misconception, says Mr Greve, is that many customers treat the spindle like they do with any other motor.
They just took them to the garage to get the rolls back.
Mr Greve lamented that they might be able to rewind the motor well, but the tolerance of the bearing would be unrestricted.
Another flaw in thinking, Mr Roser said, is \"we can do this spindle work ourselves.
\"They may be lucky once or twice, but in the end they will be bitten,\" Mr Roser said . \"
This usually includes downtime and calling us.
\"The high speed spindle needs special attention, oh, Cincinnati, Setco sells Go and sees that the spindle is being remanufactured.
Designed for an application (
May be dry cleaning)
Is in use now (
No success)
For another application (
For example, one with a large amount of coolant.
Tim Graves, manager of the Midwest service center, and Carmen Roser, operations manager of the service department of the Midwest Service Center, believe that this is a challenge.
Setco has set up an independent business unit that includes a dedicated team of people, machines and resources to do nothing but repair work.
It is suitable for almost anyone\'s spindle.
The most challenging spindle is the Japanese because they usually use bearings that are not readily available in the US.
What we do in these cases is to change the shell or the arb in order to be able to use off-the-
Still complete the same tolerance as when the machine was built.
Mr. Greve said: \"a common requirement of the customer is to change the rotation speed.
Other requirements include: replacement from steel to ceramic bearings, from oil-
Grease mist system-
Pack, either go to a different type of tool holder or taper, or go from a manual tie rod to an automatic tie rod.
He added that when Setco does a repair, they return the spindle to a similar statenew conditions.
The holes are assembled or chrome plated and grinded back to the original tolerance.
The knife rod of the bearing journal itself is chrome plated and grinded back to the original tolerance.
According to Tom Burns, operations manager at Southeast Setco, the rotation balance requirement is critical. But in high-
The requirements for balance are amazing.
Mr. Burns said
Speed applications are the expertise of setsetsetco, who are trying to optimize rotation operations in the field.
Mr. Burns explained that southeast Setco has one of the world\'s largest spindle vibration databases.
\"We will sign each spindle before we ship it,\" he said . \".
Each signature is unique and presents a different frequency.
We can look at the frequency of the spindle and see if it is OK.
Mr. Burns said that the high-speed field is filled with its own special complexity: the tolerances are tighter, the error range is smaller, and there are more problems. Generally speaking, \"You have to understand the spindle better, he said: \"in interpreting the diagnosis of spindle vibration, especially at high rotational speeds
Speed Machining Center application, you can enter multiple axes, different frequencies are playing a role, various degrees of freedom, servo motor technology, power tie rod, tool direction, air/oil lubrication, auxiliary system plus highspeed spindle.
\"Nevertheless, moving to a high speed spindle can save a lot of time with improved cycle times and productivity.
Dick Garski, vice president, high quality with precision
WI Racine\'s spindle system company cited these examples: * an accurate SC 80 spindle system has been integrated into a healthy grinder to expand the machine\'s ability to grind smaller diameters with super grinding wheels.
The spindle replaces the original belt-
Drive the spindle to increase the maximum speed of the machine from 10,000 rpm to 40,000 rpm.
* Precision SC 50102 spindle system built in special 6-1
The shaft cnc grinder provides the speed required to grind optical lenses in minutes instead of hours or days.
The spindle speed range is 5000 rpmto 30,000 rpm.
The grinding material is glass, and the diameter is 10mm to 100mm.
* The FadalVMC 4020 vertical machining center adds an accurate SC 501020OA spindle system that increases the speed range of milling detailed prototypes to 40,000 rpm.
The machine can be switched between the spindle and the Precision Spindle, thus meeting the changing needs from rough machining to fine machining.
CNC brings new options, new life in Xerox, Webster, New York has always been known for introducing new products.
However, it was not until 1986 that Xerox introduced computer digital control (CNC)
The company\'s manual machine.
When Xerox chose an automated milling machine, it chose Anilam Inc. , mirmar, FL, and conversational CNC.
\"We chose anilam \'scnc because of its 3D capabilities, and because we can load long surface handlers directly from our CAMsystem onto the controls.
\"We have some other CNC controls that can\'t do this,\" said JayVan Cuyck, a Xerox tool maker . \".
Ten years ago, the work done with automated machines mainly included mold work.
Today, plastic, three.
Size molds, fixtures, plastic prototypes and electrodes are all included in the expanded list of grinding parts.
\"One of the biggest advantages of using CNC is that just turn the manual handle on the machine and you can \'teach\' a program.
Arcs, bolt holes, and circles are snapshots to be completed.
We have eliminated the need for the turntable, which the operators think is easy to learn.
BobManchego, tool engineer/tool room supervisor, said: \"If you use it every day, it will take only one week to master the control skillfully . \".
\"Most operators in the factory have little experience in CNC control, and due to the lack of experience in programming and operating automated machines, anilam CNC\'s conversational language makes it easy for them to learn.
\"The productivity of the tool room has improved, but Mr Manchego pointed out a special application involving time --savings.
He said: \"One of the requirements on our molds is that they are engraved with recycling marks and part material descriptions.
Before anilam controls, we used to have to send plugins to sculpt and then put them into the mold.
Anilam CNC allows us to engrave directly on the mold, thus bringing this process back to the inside-
The process that used to take four days has now been shortened to a few hours.
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