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already on the 2020 radar, kirsten gillibrand is catapulted into spotlight by trump

by:QY Precision      2019-08-25
On the night of July, US Senator John McCainR)
As we all know, he voted against the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Health Care Bill, and most of his colleagues were fascinated when he sat there to refute the last sentence
The vice president\'s one-minute prelude
President Mike Pence
But not New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. D).
Republicans huddled in circles worried about what their efforts to reform American health care would look like, and Democrats quietly marveled at the last minute --
Minutes of crash while 51-year-
The old junior senator from New York hurried through the chamber with pen and paper in his hand.
She is seeking a signature for a letter to Pentagon leaders asking them not to fire any transgender soldiers until the Department of Defense completes a review of its current policies.
Two days ago, President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he would order the military to stop accepting transgender people. Forty-
Just this week, a federal judge blocked the president\'s order.
The basic organization.
Seeking a signature on the petition and voting whipping to support a cause --
It was a skill Gillibrand learned when she was very young on her grandmother\'s knee.
Polly Nunan is a long-time partner of legend-secretary and close friend of ellastos Corning
Currently mayor of Albany, New York, from 1920 to early 1980, he helped run the powerful Albany County Democratic machine.
\"My first attempt at politics was with my grandmother and her ladies group.
She has a group of women who are very active in grassroots activities and portal activitiesto-
Gillibrand recalled in an interview with The Washington Post 2012.
\"My first political memory was to sit at a campaign headquarters, where 40 women sat at a table and stuffed envelopes with stamps,\" she recalls . \".
\"This is the image of all these ladies, they are very happy and very engaged, doing something out there that they really care about, and it may be different.
I have always believed in the power of women and their advocacy. the voice of women is really important.
\"During her nearly nine years in the Senate, Gillibrand has been insisting on equal rights --
For gay, lesbian, transgender and female.
Trump went straight into her portfolio through Twitter\'s sexual suggestive attack at Gillibrand. With a re-
So far, next year\'s campaign has not attracted any serious Republican opponents, nor has it been speculated that she will break the oath of running for president in 2020, and that the attack could bring more political benefits than harm.
On his Twitter page, Trump labeled Gillibrand as \"lightweight\" and once \"begged\" for campaign donations and would do anything for them \".
Gillibrand is \"fighting Trump now,\" he added \".
The tweet was released shortly after Gillibrand sent her younger son to school, and when she sat with Senator Steve Daines at a bipartisan Bible Study Conference ,(R)Mike wheel ,(R)
James Landford (R).
Her phone started shaking and the assistant said they pulled her out of the group to inform her and was ready to reply.
She has planned to attend a press conference to announce a bipartisan bill requiring chassis guards to be installed on the front and sides of large tractors
Trailer and update federal guide on how to install on the back of a large truck.
After blowing the bill, her colleague
Sponsors and family members who died in such a crash, Gillibrand said Trump\'s attack was \"a gender-based slanderous attempt to silence my voice \".
\"I will not be silent on this issue, nor will the women standing in front of the president yesterday, nor will the millions of women who have been marching against policies they disagree with since the Women\'s March, she said.
In an interview with reporters, Gillibrand called on Republican congressional leaders to investigate allegations of misconduct against Trump, saying, \"they should be thoroughly investigated.
This is the right thing to do, and I urge them to do so --
So should their voters \".
Asked about her interactions with the president, Gillibrand told reporters that Trump was \"just a supporter \".
Supporters of my first campaign \".
A few hours later, she re-
The campaign launched a fundraising campaign with the theme \"no silence.
\"Next year will be the third time Hillary Clinton has faced New York voters since she was appointed New York voter in 2009 after she resigned as secretary of state. Then-
Democratic Governor David Patterson from near
Unknown, choose the first
In addition to the tiny media market in the north, members of the term are hardly known.
Well-known state colleagues who have been looking forward to potential Senate bids for years.
When a moderate ran for a seat in the northern New York State House, he praised the National Rifle Association. gillibrand quickly turned into a free voice. in less than two years, together with the group, he changed from a \"a\" to an \"F \".
She works in New York City.
Legislators for immigration reform;
Accepted the concerns of the city\'s gay democracy donor base and pushed for the abolition of the military\'s \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say\" policy in the early days;
And tenaciously pushed Congress to pay for the medical expenses of emergency personnel who responded to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York.
A slap in the face on Wall Street
The main source of campaign funding for any New York politician
She was a former colleague.
The sponsor of the STOCK Act, which prohibits legislators from trading shares based on non-public information collected during official business and requires more frequent disclosure of stock transactions.
She became the first senator to publish all her annual tax returns since her tenure.
In 2012, she won her first full term with more than one vote --
The highest advantage of any state candidate in modern history
This is a feat beyond better\'s reach so far.
Senate Minority party leader Schumer and Governor Cuomo. With a six-
During the term of the Senate Military Committee, gilberland fell into a military personnel problem.
In 2013 and 2014, she led a campaign to overhaul how the Pentagon handled allegations of sexual assault, harassment and rape, calling military commanders to explain why different departments handled cases differently --
And triggered an internal
How to fight democracy.
Gillibrand has pushed for a radical solution that will deprive military commanders of any involvement in determining how to deal with rape and sexual assault cases.
But Senator Claire McCaskillD)
He has also driven significant change closer to commanders who want to have a say in these decisions.
Gillibrand won the applause of such a Republican partnership.
As a sponsor of Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, it was finally supported at the time
Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidD).
But her proposal finally failed.
\"I know I can make a difference here.
I know I can find common ground with any senator in that chamber.
Senator in that chamber.
\"I will look for these solutions,\" she said in an interview on November 2013 . \".
Gillibrand has become a complete rival to Trump this year.
According to analysis by congressional newspaper Roll Call, she voted against more senators nominated by Trump than any other senator.
In May, she and her deputy
General Rod Rosenstein is in a closed
The senators were briefed on the scope of the ongoing special adviser investigation.
Some senators who witnessed the exchange called her questions \"enthusiastic\", while others called them \"inappropriate \".
Senator Al Franken was also involved in her intense investigation. D)
After his female colleagues, he will resign from the Senate this month --
By Gilly brand-
Tell him to step down.
In the next few days, she also called on Trump to resign on allegations of sexual misconduct, which led her ahead of most Democratic senators --
It seems to have triggered an attack on Trump.
In 2013 of interviews, Gillibrand predicted her future, saying her struggle to change the way the Army and Society handle allegations of sexual misconduct would be a \"long journey\"
\"I think as long as I\'m in the U. S. Senate, I\'m going to try to resolve this, and I think it\'s something that needs to be publicized forever,\" she said . \".
The fight with Trump today proved her point.
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