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airbus gives a320neo titanium parts contract to aequs | delhi news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-11-07
New Delhi, May 12 ()Karnataka-
Aequs, an aerospace component manufacturer headquartered, has received supply contracts for more than 100,000 titanium-processed parts for fuel
Efficient A320neo (
New engine options)
Aircraft from European aviation giant Airbus.
According to the contract, the titanium processing parts will be delivered to the Airbus factory in Toulouse (France)
From the component manufacturer at the Belagavi factory in Karnataka.
Aequs Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary
A wholly owned subsidiary of Aequs Private Limited. \"This award (of contarct)
As a supplier of Airbus, this is an important step we have taken. We have a long-
Long-term relationship with Airbus and production of detailed mechanical parts for its single aisle, long channel
Aravind Melligeri, chairman and chief executive officer of Aequs, said in a press release: \"Since 2009, the range and large aircraft, including the wing front components of the A380, have been available.
The company said that the parts provided by Aequs will be assembled on the tower structure at the Toulouse facility for the installation of engines on aircraft wings.
The contract laid the foundation for substantial growth.
Airbus\'s suppliers, it added.
In India, the cheap airline IndiGo, which has ordered 430 A320neo from Airbus, is currently the only operator of the aircraft, which Airbus claims to be 15-
20 higher fuel efficiency than the existing version of a320.
In addition, Air India also signed an agreement with Kuwait
Based in ALAFCO, 14 A320 neo aircraft are leased
SIA joint venture airline Vistara also plans to introduce the aircraft in its future fleet.
As part of the order, Aequs will perform the work in its stateof-the-
The Belagavi special economic zone has 100,000 square feet of aerospace processing facilities.
Opened last year by Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, the largest such facility in India with the aim-
Built for Airbus to manufacture aerospace machinery components.
Srinidwarakanath said: \"This contract for specialized titanium components supports our commitment to expand our aerospace supplier partnership under\" Made in India, this is the President of India\'s Airbus division of our strategy.
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