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Aggressive, shrewd and successful: SHR

by:QY Precision      2019-09-20
Five years ago, the NASCAR Sprint Cup team, created by Gene Haas, was at the absolute bottom of the table after a painful match.
Today, the team it has grown into is ready to join the elite operations at the top of the series, doing so because Haas has shown the will to act boldly, and his other bosses rarely dare to try.
As the signing of Kurt Busch of Fox Sports.
Com\'s Lee Spencer will officially report on Tuesday, which is just the latest news.
First, review it quickly.
Haas, owner\'s Haas Automation, CNC machine tools
Tool manufacturers in Oxnard, California
Haas CNC Racing was founded in 2002.
In the first season, the team took part in six NASCAR Sprint Cup matches and did not qualify for three matches, with no more than 30 of the other three.
From then on until the end of the 2008 season, Haas CNC took part in the 284 Sprint Cup competition with only one top release
Five completed, only 14 top 10.
Haas was frustrated by his failure and he took radical steps
Time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart owns a 50% stake in the team, basically because he has just appeared.
Rick Hendrick, the team\'s boss, worked quietly behind the scenes to facilitate the deal.
Of course, Stewart, who brought the record of champion performance as a driver, was relatively easy to sell to sponsors and was a successful team owner in other racing lines.
Haas thinks it\'s worth giving Stewart moremillion-
Holding a US dollar stake in the business without the need to invest any cash.
It was a bold but wonderful gamble.
2009 changed its name to Stewart-
Once Haas Racing
Woebegone outfit enjoyed an amazing wealth reversal: in Cup 360, starting under the flag of the SHRS, the team won 19 games and scored 78
Top-5 and 15410 finishes --
Not to mention Stewart\'s amazing 2011 M champion ran away.
Haas said in 2011: \"I think Tony is a little crazy about doing it, but Tony is sometimes a little smarter than you think,\" Stewart won the championship in the third season of the team.
\"Obviously he sees some potential in what we do.
He has a good relationship.
Just like we have a lot of good relationships with Hendrick, so we have great equipment.
Tony is very nice.
\"Gene gave me confidence and trust and made me feel like we need to get people, many of whom are also Rick Hendrick,\" Stewart said . \".
\"Rick said, \'Hey, this guy is the one I think is best for you.
You know, it\'s a push in the right direction that you need someone like this to give you confidence.
\"The aggressive move has not stopped.
Next, SHRS signed Danica Patrick, who brought key sponsorship funds from GoDaddy.
Even if she was online
So far, the performance of the track is not satisfactory.
At the end of last year, SHRS promised to sign Kevin Harvik for £ 2014, although they did not have his sponsor at the time (
Budweiser later signed).
Now they have 2004 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Kurt Busch, 2014, giving the team four cars, two of which will be driven by past champions (
Stewart and Busch)
One of them will be driven by someone (Harvick)
In the past 10 seasons, he has been in the top five with five points.
Only Patrick scored 27 points in her rookie season, and she is not a contender to win the game every week, let alone a champion.
Does the addition of Busch and Harvick elevate the status of shrs to one of the elite teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to be able to compete for the championship year after year? Probably.
Like everything in NASCAR, the details are the devil.
Harvick and Busch have had disagreements in the past, but this season has worked very well and Richard Childress Racing and Furniture Row has shared the near
Technology Alliance.
After he won Coca-Cola
Coke 600 month, praise Harvik Busch for giving very precise and very useful feedback after a weekrace debriefs.
Still, there will be a lot of changes in the next year, as this year, when the team struggled hard outside the gate.
There is no doubt, however, that there was a huge increase in the number of shrs in 2014.
There may also be a huge advantage in Hendrick Racing.
HMS builds the engine and chassis for the SHRS, and the two teams work together as technical partners, so in theory anything that helps the SHRS should help the HMS.
However, to win, lose or draw, there is no doubt that 2014 SHRS will be one of the most colorful lineups in all racing sports and one of the fastest lineups.
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