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Advantages of CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-02-25
The market economy embodies the advantage theory almost everywhere, as is the CNC machining customization industry. Some precision mechanical parts processing peers, products that their factories can produce, their industry tends to be outward, is to value the comparative advantages of the partners. The comparative advantage theory, which was proposed and developed by David Li jiatu and has a heavy commercial color, has been perfectly reflected in the cooperation of these CNC machining manufacturers. In fact, the mutual cooperation in the field of CNC machining customization is to advocate that a CNC machining manufacturer be firmly nailed to a certain field in the entire precision mechanical parts processing supply chain, so that it can play its due role. In the traditional manufacturing industry, the market is also virtually allocating resources, cooperating to create value and jointly promoting industrial prosperity. For example, large-scale CNC machining customization enterprises can produce all the products in the entire industry chain, but they tend to outsource some non-core products to other partners, that is, to concentrate their comparative advantages, continue to enhance their competitiveness in the CNC machining customization market. These precision mechanical parts processing partners who undertake outsourcing also have their own comparative advantages in the market because these orders have focused on this special field. This is the power of the market!
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