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About the role of tooling fixture and production benefits

by:QY Precision      2020-04-05
Nowadays, tooling fixtures are more and more widely used in hardware processing industry and CNC processing industry. Especially in electronics factories in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and other regions. General tooling fixtures are classified into pressing, bending, cutting, riveting, welding, testing, fixing, etc. Of course, they can also be divided into ordinary and special categories, look at personal preferences or wait for professional secretaries to sort out the regulations. Basically, in addition to electrical measurement and welding, General factories have their own design departments or simply make their own. So what role can such a tooling fixture play? What kind of production benefits can it bring to customers? Let's take a look. In order to ensure product quality and productivity in the production process, the tooling fixture is used. Its main functions include the following aspects: 1. Guarantee and improve product quality (Parts can better enter the exact position); 2, improve labor efficiency (Reduce the time for manually setting the workpiece); 3. Expand the scope of operation of the tool (The position is fixed and the personnel are easy to operate); 4. Improve working conditions and reduce product costs. Tooling fixtures have been widely used in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, and China has also become very popular in recent years, especially in Shenzhen, the benefits it brings are also obvious, mainly because of the following operations: 1. Speed--- Reduce the pre-adjustment time. When the EDM/CNC/EDW process is processed, the clamping time is about 10 seconds, only one time is needed, and then other workpieces do not need to be typed again, number of touches and points; 2. Accuracy---Static tolerance repetition accuracy /-0. 002; 3. Reduce machine tool investment: due to the reduction of pre-adjustment time, the number of customers investing in machines is relatively reduced, and the planned production efficiency is not affected, and the investment cost is reduced; 4. Reduce personnel investment: when the pre-adjustment time is reduced, human resources are more rationally allocated; 5. Reduce human error, adopt automation and standardization concepts for positioning precision fixtures, reduce human error, and effectively improve productivity and product quality; 6. Increase machine tool utilization rate: it can be disassembled after CNC machining is completed. It does not need to be stuck on the machine tool, and other workpieces can be processed continuously. It is also very convenient to rework and reinstall the clamping. Effectively improve the utilization rate of machine tools; 7. Convenient and safe maintenance: when the mold needs to be repaired or reworked, it can be processed by reinstalling the clip, and the copper seat has a directional direction and will not cause direction error; 8. Intangible benefits: When positioning fixtures are adopted, customers' confidence increases greatly when visiting factories, and the marketing department also has a strong competitive power in receiving orders. The above is the role of the tooling fixture and the production efficiency, for reference only. Shenzhen fuchengxi technology is a professional manufacturer of tooling fixture processing, which can be used for CNC precision parts processing such as drawing processing and incoming material processing.
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