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About the processing of stainless steel parts in hardware processing plants

by:QY Precision      2020-03-16
In the hardware processing factory, the customer of stainless steel parts processing cooperation, trust is an invisible wealth. For the majority of precision machinery processing plants, since many customers at home and abroad choose Shenzhen huachaohui Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd. , we are obliged to go all out to do a good job in precision mechanical parts processing services, let more customers better participate in the exhibition or research and development of new products. As a hardware processing factory with more than 10 years of hardware parts processing experience, Shenzhen fuchengxi technology has continuously won the Quality Recognition of hundreds of customers and has a large-scale listed company, there are strong top 500 enterprises in the world, small and medium-sized mechanical parts processing enterprises of average scale, and college students who need to do graduation design. Being trusted by so many customers, fuchengxi technology is a very lucky thing as a professional hardware processing factory. Shenzhen fuchengxi technology has a total of three types of customers. One is for trial and error customers. They have higher precision requirements for hardware parts processing, so we use five-axis machining, in terms of accuracy, it can reach 0. 01mm; Second, customers who do product research and development do not want to open the mold and directly form the product for sale; Third, for the customers who participated in the exhibition, they paid more attention to the appearance of hardware parts processing. Therefore, we set up a clean workshop and hired a third-party CTO as the technical director, which can make the product look beautiful when injecting oil. As a professional hardware processing factory in Shenzhen, as long as the product quality is done well, it can quickly solve problems for customers. Shenzhen fuchengxi Technology Co. , Ltd. focuses on high-precision hardware parts processing customization, and promises to make every spare part with heart, so that customers can get cost-effective service, without wasting every penny of customers.
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