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About Fulcrum

by:QY Precision      2020-07-29
Toyota has Scion, Honda has Acura, Nissan has Infiniti, and Campagnolo has Fulcrum. That's right folks, Fulcrum is a division of Campy. Why? Why not! If you had a cycling company and knew how generate superior set of wheels, but in addition, you knew the riders were playing matchy match with their components most likely wouldn't put Campy wheels on a primarily Shimano bike, wouldn't you create a new company? A safe! So if you were wondering how Fulcrum came up from nowhere together with worldwide attention on the pro circuit, it is because Campy used their connections to upward and running, and into the heat of the race. Yes sir, that's why the 2004 and 2005 pro teams actually used the Fulcrum wheels without years of due to being on the market. Pretty smart move ought to you ask us. The launch of Fulcrum in July of 2004 would be a testimony of desire for the sport of cycling. At leading of the company were three aerospace engineers who had applied their specialized knowledge of aerospace technology to the advancement of their preferred sport. Since the beginning, Fulcrum Wheels have proven their superiority on the actual. They are designed and developed with underlying elements of Campagnolo, technological advancements of the aerospace industry and there's a pleasantly youthful Fulcrum twist. With revolutionary concepts in wheel development and design, Fulcrum Wheels boast an absolutely balance wheel. To get that perfect balance they have patents! That's why you'll find trademarks all over this article. Fulcrum was big on trademarks and patents like Dynamic BalanceTM, 2:1 Two-to-oneTM, as well as the MoMagTM system. When you push your pedals, the rotational force around the sprocket produces slack in the freewheel spokes and a loss of profits of rim anxiousness. This results in unwanted flex of whole good wheel and an inevitable loss of vitality. Fulcrum has solved this common cycling dilemma with its 2:1 Two-to-OneTM Spoke Ratio system. The 2:1 Two-to-OneTM system supports the Dynamic BalanceTM by doubling the spokes in the critical areas. The Dynamic BalanceTM system boasts flawlessly balanced dynamics of rotation, while using the credit given to the careful distribution of your rotating masses. The MoMagTM system props up other two quite nicely. It actually stemmed from Campy. The MoMagTM system feeds each nipple in the rim through the valve hole, the procedure is guided perfectly into position with a magnetic field. Thus the Mag in the name MoMagTM. These three systems work separately or conjunction with one another and they are what makes Fulcrum the advanced company that it is today. Another concept the actual world design of Fulcrum Wheels are the aluminum hammer head spokes which have an unique aerodynamic profile comprised of an adjustable truncated-cone cross-section. The edges on the Fulcrum Wheels are CNC machined which help to relieve the rim associated with pointless load rewards. CNC machining allows the wheels to do not have a spoke holes while on the inner groove which eliminates the need to have rim tape as well as maximum torsional rigidity. Yeah, these are some serious wheels. Fulcrum Wheels could be found several models. Numbered relatively consecutively, for continuity we suppose. Although you will notice they left out the even numbers. The Racing Zeros are excellent for racing. They provide superior acceleration, have become light, have rockin' aerodynamics and roll like you're riding on air. Plus, they are super sharp looking. The Racing 1's are fantastic for racing as well as daily rides. They are fast, stiff, smooth as well as very compliant and comfortable. Are generally sure to dramatically improve the handling and look of your bike. As was mentioned earlier, Fulcrum skipped over all of the even numbers and went right for the Racing 3's. Racing 3 wheels are intermediate hoops. They are very durable, quiet riding and longer lasting than most wheels on the marketplace. They are also notably faster. You will notice that you will gain speed quicker and will be able to hold it easily. They are quite high on his or her bling scale. For that real heavy duty rides, or for consistent training, go for the Racing 5 model. They are durable, quiet as well as long lasting. The Racing 5 Evolution wheels boast the Dynamic Balance system with two, oversized (silver) spokes to offset the rim joint for an absolutely balanced wheel. They said to be stiff, smooth, true, and durable. Yet they can be the lightest wheel in the Fulcrum line, but they aren't THAT heavy at times. The Racing 7's are more of a beginner's wheel. Are usually strong, stiff, a fine weight and visit us racing red. At the very top of the line are Fulcrum's Racing Light Wheels. These wheels are Fulcrum's version of Campy's Hyperon but with carbon bodied hugs. The Racing Light's are on an entirely different level or have earned the status as well simply because price. They are some of the best all round wheels you will ever ride on. Very fast, very strong and yes, are able to climb in a cog or two lower than expected. Phenomenal for climbing but also great for that flats. All in all, the Fulcrum label has become symbolic of unique patents, constant technological research and eye-catching modern decor. They are producing some seriously competitive hoops. Needless to say, Fulcrum is anything you would expect a Campy spawn for.
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