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a visit to seattle\'s hackerspace: metrix create space

by:QY Precision      2019-09-27
I spent a few days in Seattle during my recent holiday.
One thing I would like to do there is visit the Seattle hacker Space Metrix Create Space.
Conveniently, they had a regular 3d printer night on Thursday, which happened to be the night I was free to visit.
Upon arrival, Matt, the owner of Metrix, greeted me and he showed me around.
This is definitely a dream space for a manufacturer with lots of rooms, tools upstairs and even a sushi shop to serve nerds in need.
There is a cool range of tools to use, including 3d printers, laser cutting machines, large CNC machines, and many welding/laptop workstations.
One thing I \'ve read about Metrix is that they \'ve been making clone parts for 3d printers that are basically molds and you can create them with any material you pour into the mold
It\'s cool to see the settings in person and check the quality of the parts: There are also a few reprap printers made with clonedel parts: they also have a vending machine, filled with arduino micro-controllers and other geek toys and snacks (including MREs! )
Electronic kit.
I ended up buying myself a bunch of stuff from the machine: because it was a 3d printer night, Matthew put down his cupcakes:
Aka FakerBot as this is a copy of the Makerbot open source design they made at memerix)
He modified it to make it very similar to what I loved --O-
How the Z stage works.
I brought some of my fingerprints and we compared the parts.
His revised cupcake was printed very well . . . . . . As good as my stuff --O-
Marty and bi output I have seen spot cupcakes because of his syndrome of organ dysfunction (
Shortly after my visit, he posted this on Thingiverse).
I like all the electronics and lines outside the cupcake . . . . . . Easier to approach: spending Thursday night in Seattle is a very interesting way . . . . . . If you are in Seattle, I would highly recommend you to check out Metrix as they offer a lot of interesting workshops and really cool
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