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by:QY Precision      2019-09-04
We have seen many industries using CNC machines to control many of their processes.
Computer numerical control (CNC)
The machine is an automated machine that can make industrial parts without the direct help of human beings.
They have coded the instructions sent to the internal computer.
These instructions help the machine to create various components quickly and precisely.
Usually, the CNC factory is created to save in the store, and the power tool is the one you can carry with you, which has always been the norm.
However, ShopBot tool has accumulated rich experience in the 17 years dedicated to the production and improvement of CNC machines, and it is breaking the specifications with the latest portable Handibot.
Handibot is a CNC factory with three axes that can run using a smartphone, tablet or desktop application.
You need to simulate anything you want to build (
Or cutting, drilling or engraving)into the app.
Once you have managed to do this, you bring the machine to the material instead of the material to the machine!
You can use it on wood, plastic, aluminum or whatever material you want to use.
This definitely gives you a lot of flexibility.
It works on almost any surface-floor, table, ceiling-you can name it.
It just waits for you to press Start.
Its portability does not disappear from its accuracy.
In fact, it is as accurate as any of its larger, larger Brothers.
This machine is very beneficial for builders.
All they need to do is bring a Handibot to their workplace and it will cut what they want all day long.
As a builder, you can place a Handibot on the rig on the wall and program it perfectly to cut the outlet holes on the vertical pulley.
Of course, it\'s easy to cut an outlet hole without it, but a commercial building needs a lot of such holes and you can make Handibot your best friend.
The company hopes to expand its user base by reaching consumers.
They want to create a community where other users can share the design.
Companies always know where their products will be placed.
For example, if a company produces tennis, they know that people use it to play tennis, cricket, catch-up games, or various native games.
But Handibot\'s manufacturers are waiting for users to surprise them with apps they don\'t expect.
In addition to wood, plastic and aluminum, you can also etching on glass using Handibot!
If you\'re passionate about buying one yourself and testing your creativity, you just have to order one from their store.
Ayyappa Nagubandi is an entrepreneur, inventor and co-founder of Possibillion Technologies.
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