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In Boca RATCH, Conn.
Squeeze out stock and custom medical and industrial products from engineering resin at a cost ranging from $3 to $35/lb.
Although it doesn\'t sound like much, the company was mainly a car supplier until five years ago.
\"Our car sales are worth millions of dollars, but in the end we don\'t make a profit,\" said RaymondQuinlan, president and boss . \".
\"This requires more and more paperwork.
We were completely consumed.
\"The car manufacturer paid a big fee.
But the resin supplier wants to pay within 30 days.
As a result, this small company (
Annual sales of $7 million)
At times, accounts receivable amounted to $1 million.
\"Then, they squeezed usharder with commercial terms that we didn\'t make money anyway,\" he recalls . \".
Kunlan began to diversify and get rid of debt.
Five years later, he completed two tasks. Whereas Hi-
Tech used to have 40 employees operating 12 extrusion lines of 24/7 kilometers, and today there are only 18 employees, including management, operating 24/5 kilometers.
Three very skilled operators can run 10 to 12 lines.
The bottom line is stronger. it\'s debt.
Free, accounts receivable fell to 30 days. Hi-
Tech still squeezes out professional profiles for the first-class automatic transmission, such as the TPU cover for emergency brakes.
There are two lines running 24 hours a day in these jobs. Hi-
Tech also produces the shape of raw materials for the distributor of acetate and nylon.
But it added a dozen new customers. Hi-
Technology has a new 4000-sq-
There are five new medical pipe extruder in Ft clean room and the sixth one is in order
Temperature peep. Last year, Hi-
Tech has also set up a new subsidy for mold manufacturing, including a CNC machine tool workshop and two CAD workstations. Hi-
Techis is now looking for product design and development.
The highly operational knowledge of \"technical services\" thinking also helps to make the transition to a diverse customization effort.
When Quinlan left Davis
Ago to start the Hi-18 year Standard
Technology. he came from the Technical Services Department and brought two colleagues, Lydia Tesera. Tech\'s v. p.
Financial Corporation and Mark Ouellette v. p. of development.
\"We are the actors who will go to Davis --
Standard customers, tell them how to squeeze out products more effectively.
One reason we start our own business is because we think we can do better.
\"So they built an efficient workflow for their store.
All 15 extruder production lines are connected through overhead cat lanes, which helps to change the material of the slate of various products of the company.
The resin entersat truck carrier on one side of the factory is classified, qualified and made into a product.
It then went out in the truck cabin on the other side of the factory. Because Hi-
The resin of the technology company is very expensive, except for the stock shape of the dealer, there is almost no material storage, only temporary staging, and the finished product inventory is very small. In June, Hi-
Tech is on display at its first medical fair. -MD&M East in N. Y. C.
The company has shown new lumens, lumenslayer, tight-
Tolerance medical tube.
Since then, it has been \"overwhelmed by development work,\" says Quinlan, \"Just from a show.
\"It doesn\'t mean everything goes well. Hi-
Technology companies have found that small customers can default on contracts like big customers.
One was sent to work overseas after a few months of Hi
The development time of technology, as a large car manufacturer once did.
\"We are still struggling with the business model ---
\"How to charge for unique development work,\" said Quinlan . \".
\"In the past, if you developed a product for a company that they could not produce themselves, they would hand over the business to you.
\"But things have changed over the past few years.
\"Manufacturers now have to think more about what they are doing.
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