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a physician homebuilder tries to upend the nursing home industry — and give seniors back their independence

by:QY Precision      2019-09-26
This is a place that is unlikely to launch a war against the nursing home industry.
But the black here.
On the stone side of a shady Lake Cayuga stands a groundbreaking senior medical doctor.
Bill Thomas, in this battle, is only a few feet away from the weapon of his choice: 330square-foot, plywood-
He called a Minka.
\"I spent my career trying to change the nursing home industry,\" he said . \".
\"But I began to realize that it wouldn\'t really change.
So now what I\'m going to do is make people not need a nursing home in the first place.
That\'s why.
The idea sounds simple in a sense: creating and selling small, premium-
A friendly house like this, sold for about $75,000, packed like mushrooms, or tucked away in the existing properties of the homeowner, this allows caregivers or children to occupy larger houses and provide assistance when needed.
Thomas wants to help people grow old in their own territory and conditions, while helping them reduce the financial and physical pressure to maintain a larger house.
In doing so, he wants to protect them from the funnel mouth, which often calls the elders to the terrible march --
From independent living, to assisted living, to nursing homes, to memory units, to tombs.
The move turned Thomas into a rare breed: a doctor\'s home builder, which not only made him unhappy with the nursing home industry, but also with the housing industry, with its preference for more and more space.
Economist James Nickman, chairman of the National Council on ageing, said he faces a sharp climb.
But he appreciated Thomas\'s move.
\"Whatever Bill brings up, it\'s very different and interesting, usually very insightful, and there\'s a lot of fun here,\" Knickman said before stopping . \".
\"Sometimes his ideas are hard to implement.
They are a little outside.
Knickman and others said the Minka initiative is no different.
Thomas, 58, has thick black hair, gray beard, and a former winger in his first steps at the door of Minka, when a tourist looked around, he leaned against the kitchen counter.
In a studio loft, the structure is warm, bright and surprisingly spacious.
Four large windows looking to the lake, a shed --
The roof of the style rises to the field of view. (
The term \"Minka\" originated in Japan and is a traditional housing for rural residents, usually those with limited financial resources. )
Read more: \"21st century needs\": from the rear corner opposite the large bathroom that meets the US disabled Bill to design a house that improves the health of patients, it is fullsize bed.
On the other side of the pipe-
The filling wall of the bathroom is a kitchen and countertop made of IKEA components.
The first half of the room feels separate from the second half, and the sofa leads to a big bed and a table that can accommodate three or four people.
When it looked small from the outside, Thomas scoffed at the idea that it was a small house.
\"The small house is terrible for the elderly,\" he complained, imagining that those with limited physical or cognitive abilities climb steep stairs or lift Murphy\'s bed to the right place, or keep track of hidden storage areas that take a prominent place in a small home design.
Except ADA-
His Minka design meets bathroom requirements with no stairs
Friendly in other ways.
There is a removable mechanical lift on the ceiling that can help people get up from the bed and move more safely in the bathroom.
It is easy to clean because it is small, and it is cheap to heat and cool.
After a short visit, Thomas took his visitors through the suburbs of Ithaca by an hour\'s drive through farmland and low lands
Finally, Owego, a riverside town that flourished in the neighborhood during IBM\'s birth, but now it feels like it\'s back to 1970.
Here, once in a building where the D & B auto repair shop was located, Minkas was born.
This is also where the economic and logistical complexity of the Thomas project has been more clearly alleviated.
Thomas made a yellow noise.
Cancel the headphones to suppress the noise of the computer-
A controlled router commonly referred to as a CNC machine.
The air in this part of the building is cold and the thin garage door is separated from the street.
27-created code using Thomasyear-
Zachary\'s son directed the computer terminal on a distant wall, and CNC turned a standard three-piece sheet of paper-quarter-
Material to make inch plywood into support beamone of 15 load-
Bearing parts of standard Minka.
It takes about half of this paper. hour to cut.
In order to produce 2,772 pieces of Minka, CNC will work 24 hours in two weeks, and about 120 pieces of parts are assembled by a pair of workers.
It will take two days for a team of three workers to assemble the parts into a solid waterproof structure lined with foam board insulation.
The external contractor pours the board, wiring the equipment and installing the siding and roof panels.
Overall, the Thomas instruction card can be moved
Ready in two weeks
Where did Minkas go? It depends. On many things.
Thomas\'s main strategy is to build them in a cluster that provides built-in
In the community, it provides economies of scale for builders.
In some cases, they can also be built on the existing property of the homeowner, but this may cause additional trouble and cost to many potential peoplebe occupants.
Thomas has at least two community projects in progress, including a 20-
Minka gathered at Owego on a small plot of land a few blocks from his shop.
In terms of obtaining regulatory approval for the program, Thomas was assisted by his sister, Lian tinny, director of economic development and planning for Tioga County.
Owego is the county town of Tigo. the Thomas family lives a few minutes from the city center.
Minkas will be open to people of all ages, Tinney said, but since these houses are not suitable for people with children, retirees and young professionals may claim to own them.
This mix may be a feature of another Minka project coming up, located at South Indiana University in Evensville, where Thomas will build an-yet-
The number of Minkas is unknown.
The university is expected to provide more details in its official announcement in January.
Read more: In order for the elderly to live independently, sensors track their family habits.
Although future owners can add components \"like Lego houses\", The Minkas generation will follow a similar design.
\"Given that still-
At present, however, the unstable economic situation of standardized business exceeds customization.
Building a Minka will cost about $200 per square foot, $25 more than the cost of most builders building a traditional building.
Thomas said he will improve the manufacturing process until the cost per square foot reaches $150 to attract local home builders to purchase pre-manufactured Minka kits or custom CNC machines for productionMinka is a for-
But Thomas says his interest in getting rich from the idea is not as good as changing the culture of old-age housing.
In addition to the Minka suite, Thomas will also sell more technologies, tools and services designed to help the Minka owners stay independent.
These ancillary services and technologies are now being developed with companies he describes as national corporate partners, and he declined to give specifics.
But Thomas says the plans tend to support technology to a large extent, rather than entertainment devices like robotic dog companions.
In terms of service, he will focus on social, healthy eating and sports activities.
\"If you measure how disabled people are, it\'s a combination of their abilities, their environment and their expectations,\" he said . \".
\"As we grow older, we think that many people\'s expectations are related to the idea of decline, so their ability to live is lower than what they really have.
We want to challenge this.
\"Minka plans to take another unconventional turn in Thomas\'s medical career, which began at Harvard Medical School in his 1980 s.
In the early days of his internship, he worked shifts in a nearby nursing home.
Soon after, he heard that people with innovative ideas for nursing homes could receive grants and put forward what he now calls \"obvious\": bringing plants, animals, and the environment in which children enter nursing homes.
The grant was funded and Thomas and his future wife Jude incorporated the idea into what they called the \"Eden Alternative\" campaign.
\"The more innovative nursing homes in many countries follow Eden\'s residents --
The design and service-centric approach, they also felt warm with the follow-up by Bill and Jude Thomas
\"Green House\" project, in which,
Long term care residents live in villas with private rooms and private bathrooms, with an option of when to eat.
Thomas\'s recent pre-
However, Minka\'s efforts are his most unusual: 125.
He called the city tour of the \"non-fiction theater\" troupe, called \"change.
Thomas plays guitar and sings.
He said it was not good.
Together with professional musicians, clinicians and others, in a show designed to challenge aging and risk assumptions --taking.
At the end of 2015, after a show near Boston, he sat with members of the local elderly residential area, who described what they thought was the ideal living environment as they grew older.
Simple little house.
Maybe built on the property they already own so that their children can live nearby.
\"I think it\'s a show trip,\" said Thomas . \".
\"I don\'t know it\'s really a listening trip.
Thomas explained that the card would be his last project and he was very sorry that it took him so long to come up with the idea.
\"We don\'t have that data yet, but it will come: we will show those who are out of the burden of the house,\" he said: \"People who keep their community, family, friends and social connections will do better than people who are placed somewhere. \".
Even his most ardent supporters in the industry don\'t believe the idea is promising.
Margaret karkins, Mayer\'s executive director
The Rothschild Foundation supports the long-term
Minka said that the term \"Nursing Innovation\" represents \"repackaging of existing ideas\", most notably the concept of \"echo housing\"
Legal apartment to one person\'s home.
Her biggest complaint, however, is that \"very few people will be interested in a small house.
They still equate area and area with prestige.
So I think the idea is a bit like a green residential market: the people who get it are passionate about it, but it\'s a small niche.
\"Read more: $75 reminder to eat: Alzheimer\'s patients face a range of fees while waiting for professional care. Thomas said it was easy to measure his expectations, largely because of the point he got from his daughters Hannah and Hallie Jane, who were both born with neurological problems, this made them unable to speak from birth.
Ohtahara syndrome causes multiple seizures every day, any of which can be fatal.
Hannah died on 2015 at the age of 18, 23-year-old Hallie Jane lives with her parents, 24Hour care.
Even though Haleigh Jane can\'t speak or communicate with her hands, she understands what people are saying.
She laughed when she heard her favorite music;
She laughed when her father and brother wrestled with her;
She cried after Harry Potter\'s character Dumbledore died.
The Thomas family called her their elders and teachers.
In this regard, haleighjane represents to some extent the community they serve for a long time: often wise, but often overlooked or underestimated by outsiders.
Then, Minka of Lake Cayuga is called the House of Haleigh Jane, and it may not be a coincidence that when the family is in the cottage behind her home, she lives with her caregiver.
\"I said if I could do a Minka for her because she, like a professional, showed us what it takes to support a person with severe weakness, I can do it for anyone.
\"Will he eventually get there without her?
\"It\'s hard to say.
A great thing about Halley.
That\'s what I\'m going to go through or I\'ll lose it
But she removed any impeccable fantasies of Jude and me.
Both her and Hannah.
When you eliminate the illusion of impeccable, you will find that you are a very fragile person.
It gives you a better understanding of the people around you and the world.
\"The reason many wealthy and powerful people are such assholes is because they are covered up by this impeccable illusion, which really makes them asshole.
I\'m not saying I\'m not a jerk, but I mean, with Hallie and Hannah, I see how out of control I\'m in this world.
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