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A Giant 3D Printer Builds Ten Houses In One Day

by:QY Precision      2019-09-23
Read the original story of ArchDailyby stostottchina\'s WinSun Decoration Design project and build a set of ten single-story 3D-
It produces printing houses within 24 hours.
These houses are printed with prefabricated panels, assembled together on site and are customized using WinSun-
Built in 3D printer, size 10 m by 6.
6 m, the company took 12 years to develop.
Formed with cement
A mixture of construction waste and fiberglass, the construction cost per house is only $5,000.
Although the house built so far is fairly simple, the CEO of WinSun Ma he is optimistic about the future of the technology, saying he hopes to be able to use their 3D printer one day
In an interview with the International Business Times, Ma said: \"The industrial waste generated by the demolition of buildings is destroying our environment, but 3D
We can recycle construction waste and convert it into new building materials.
This will create a safer environment for construction workers and significantly reduce construction costs.
\"Each house is designed to accommodate pipes, wires and insulation materials that are added after construction.
Other companies have been experimenting with plans to 3D print the entire building, especially Dus Architects and Ultimaker in the Netherlands.
Learn more about their plans here.
Stories through Mashable and the International Business Times. 10 3D-
In June 25, 2014, a printed house appeared on the ArchDaily website, proving the future.
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