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a brief overview of an aluminum wheel manufacturer

by:QY Precision      2019-09-28
Some of my history in aluminum wheel production is limited to me and it is challenging for me to look for a job after I graduated from high school.
If you remember the economy in the early 2000 s, you will know that most industries are doing well.
The auto industry is booming and I have more energy than I know.
I have no experience other than restaurants and I am directly attracted to this manufacturing industry.
My first position was a welder.
In this role, I took a lot of manufacturing work orders, including guard repairs for CNC machines and conveyor towers.
Most of the crew have welder/fitter and rigging backgrounds and I have learned a lot.
Later that year, I was asked to hold a new position among the building maintenance staff.
I had to move to Class 2, which was a bit of a hassle, but it was better than taking the axe out of the door.
Building maintenance was fun, but since I cleaned the restroom and picked up recyclable items throughout the store, I felt more like a doorman.
Finally, I got a promotion.
A man named Jack, who is a tanker in class 3, is becoming a mechanic for machine maintenance.
It didn\'t take long for me to do the machine maintenance myself and for the rest of the time there I stayed in that location all the time.
The core product produced by the company is aluminum truck wheels.
More specifically, the wheels are made for trucks, ranging in weight from 3,500 to 45,000 pounds.
See above for a few examples.
There is no real limit on what this factory can do.
Most contracts supporting long term contracts
Business relations are the term for truck wheels.
The company does have some of its own patented products, including aluminum trailers. hitch.
Aluminum motorcycle wheels were made for a while.
The company may make a lot of business decisions.
At the highest level, the president and other executives always want to set-
Conduct product trials with customers.
In this case, the customer provides the manufacturer with specifications such as product specifications and other manufacturing guidelines.
With this data set-
The quality team and project management can plan a trial run of new products.
The project manager will decide where to start running the prototype
The type line after such a trial is approved.
If they are approved, the production manager will wait for the contract and then place the order after the contract has been approved.
The production manager will now start making forecast and scheduling changes to machine tool changes.
This will allow them to start producing alternative parts with time permitting.
Not often, but sometimes the quality manager has to decide whether to refuse to receive the raw material or not.
This decision will happen after the first process (
Original forged de-
Flash machine)
Encountered a certain amount of scrap.
Other significant decisions may involve the maintenance, safety, engineering, logistics, supply chain management and other areas of the company.
The issues at the strategic level are part of the marketing strategy, operational strategy, financial strategy and IT strategy.
Some might argue that the company is too big and they may also have a quality/safety strategy.
Quality and safety are managed in one department (QS 9000)
Quality/safety management system.
One of the main goals is to reduce costs by hiring labor as cheaply as possible.
Each year, they receive a job opportunity tax credit by hiring criminals and are likely to receive a $6,000 credit each year.
There are many competitors in the area, so the factory must stay ahead.
Although, they don\'t have much factories to process the wheels, and there are not many factories to process these products.
In order to remain competitive, they sign as many contracts as possible while considering the cost of delivery.
Tactical level issues for operational management include: Process Design, inventory management, planning capabilities, and continuous improvement.
The design and planning of the processing make up for most of the tactical decisions in the operations.
At the supply chain level, issues at the tactical level include: processing materials, purchasing materials and supply, logistics coordination, inventory and quality.
Of course, for the supply chain, they have to work hard to control the cost of raw materials, but it is difficult considering that aluminum giant Alcoa has a monopoly on the aluminum industry.
This is the only place where the original wheel forging can be purchased at the lowest shipping cost to make a profit.
There are many options for machine tools. At least 2 lbs.
Carbide tool blades are used every day.
This cost is second in addition to raw materials, and fortunately there are many suppliers of these tools.
Operational level issues within the organization can be found in each of the following areas: Inventory Management-
Implementation of policies and maintenance.
Quality assurance and control
Use and input of control chart
Process check.
Logistics and material handling-
Coordinate shipping and packaging requirements. Security Policy-
Training and execution.
Equipment Maintenance Policy
Training and scheduling.
Competition priority the biggest competitive priority of this manufacturer is to add new business to the company, engage in projects of the company\'s patents and designs, and adapt to the new quality management system.
In the past, the company has made some large-scale structural decisions.
To expand operations, a building was added to the original building.
After the start, my first three months were hard eighteen. year-old.
We have to work 12 hours in shifts seven days a week, and the problem appears longer.
In addition, by providing an automatic rotating battery for polished wheels, a completely different flow of value is created for the company.
Next is a brand new building, which is a clear coat and power coat facility.
Conclusion The aluminum industry is a huge industry, which deserves attention.
I have learned the manufacturing principles here and I will carry them with me for life.
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