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a brief history of tensile structures

by:QY Precision      2020-01-02
Stretching the structure, which is inspired by some of the first people in history-
Compared to other structural models, shelters were created and a range of benefits were promised.
These include shelters built by people in the Sahara desert or by nomads from Iran and Saudi Arabia.
These structures are mainly made of camel leather.
The tensile structure is basically to develop the roof through the film, which is kept in its position stably through the steel cable.
The way the tensile structure materials behave determines whether they can be pre-determined.
Easy to manufacture or not easy to manufacture.
This also affects their overall plasticity.
As a result, the stretch structure can easily cover huge arenas, stadiums, and even agricultural and industrial units.
It is also interesting that the tensile structure is based on the old system used during the Roman Empire.
However, from that time to the middle
In the 20 th century, almost no technological progress has been observed for reasons including low demand, poor availability and lack of cables, canvassing manufacturers, and connections that can create resistance to the forces produced.
You will find a range of stretch structural manufacturers in India.
However, after the Industrial Revolution and the Ford era that followed, new developments have emerged, trying to meet the internal needs of this construction system.
If you are looking for a stretch structure in Mumbai, the Sprech stretch structure is your first choiceto solution.
This technology is mainly developed due to the principle of mass production and the relatively low cost associated with it.
There is also a need for systems that adapt to various terrain.
Interestingly, more and more cities are exploring the benefits of this structure, which is reflected in the popularity of the stretched structure in Pune.
Similarly, in the middle of the last century, the application of staggered cables and very light covers resulted in instability of previous models and was resolved.
This is crucial because it is this problem that causes structural defects.
German architect and engineer Frei Otto can make this progress, he launched the physics-
Research on structure.
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