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a beginner’s journey to the gym

by:QY Precision      2019-08-24
Little story: my wife and I walked back to our apartment from a shop.
I hold a bag in one hand, but I need to lift the bag up a little high so it doesn\'t scratch the ground.
A few blocks later, I began to feel the weight of it and found myself changing hands to relieve stress.
What\'s in the bag? Pillows.
There are two, to be exact. Two pillows.
So, yes, just then, I decided that I really needed to be a little stronger.
For me, this means taking some strength training on a regular basis seriously.
Of course, the benefits of strength training are not just the ability to carry pillows easily (
While I am very much looking forward to the day, I can use my extraordinary ability in that department to wow the ladies).
As a person in my 40 s, I have to start thinking about avoiding the pain that is common to older people.
Jamie Hale, author of several books on Sports and Nutrition, told me by email
In the mail, \"sports professionals often mention the benefits of exercise for the heart, lungs, muscles, bones, etc.
But they often do not mention that exercise can bring a lot of benefits to the brain.
In fact, exercise reduces the likelihood of many ages
Related brain diseases
\"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes strength training to provide benefits such as better balance, stronger bones, better sleep and relief of arthritis and depression for people of specific ages.
Right away, I like the idea of avoiding depression because considering that my senior year has been a little frustrating for me.
Other things don\'t sound half way. bad, either.
But how does a beginner with a regular workout that includes dumping garbage or mowing the lawn go into the gym for the first time and get something from the experience?
It\'s usually a good idea to consult an expert before starting any major project, so I went to the Planet Fitness Center in Silver Springs to get some strength --Training advice.
Planet Fitness is proud to develop \"judgment\"
The atmosphere of freedom \"and actively discourage noisy behavior and macho gestures that will alienate new people.
So it seems to be just a relatively weak place (
Not even the skinny guy)
Start pumping water.
Well, it\'s not far from my house.
There, Coach Dominic Jackson told me that the first thing he asked people who joined his gym was their medical history.
\"Any pain, injury or surgery that will affect your exercise,\" Jackson said . \".
\"It\'s very important to know someone\'s medical history before we actually start.
\"This kind of consultation is very helpful for new people in the gym who may look around and get confused about where to start, what to do and how to do it (
Or just as important, how not to do that).
You don\'t have to hire a coach to guide your every move, but simply point in the right direction and your initial level of comfort changes dramatically.
Before this step, people who are interested in joining the gym should visit at least a few gyms and try to make informed decisions about which environment is appropriate for them.
Strength training can be carried out using a variety of specialized equipment, such as a fitness machine or dumbbell, or, like weight training, there is almost no equipment.
Hale\'s advice to beginners is \"start slowly and try to find a program that they will stick to on a consistent basis.
There are many paths to the same place.
That is to say, different programs can lead to a person achieving fitness goals. . . .
The best program is one that can be followed, which allows for a gradual increase in difficulty.
Jackson said he advised newbies to start with a \"machine\" and then we would end up with dumbbell training and cable training. . . .
Something like dumbbells, you have to know the right form to actually do the exercises.
\"When using free weights, the right form is important because the lack of free weights can lead to poor returns for your hard work and can even lead to serious injuries.
In contrast, as Sara Wolz, general manager of Planet Fitness Silver Springs, points out, a machine will have instructions and a chart showing its body parts.
Sounds pretty stupid. proof (
Although I always meet the challenge)
So I\'m going to spin around some of the machines in the gym.
But first, Jackson asked me to warm up on the treadmill and do some stretching.
He emphasized the importance of \"walking and then stretching because you never want to stretch cold muscles.
So you want to warm up first and then stretch your body.
\"So I walked for five minutes and if I was allowed to brag, I thought I \'d hit it out of the park.
But then I stretched it.
Jackson asked me to stand normally and then split my legs and cross and touch my toes or floor at the same time.
Not that I didn\'t do well, but I left enough space between my fingers and the floor to accommodate a few pillows.
After these and a few other segments, it was handed over to the machine.
Jackson pointed me to a 30-
The gym is a minute routine recommended for beginners, including cardio.
10 machines were selected to calculate the main muscle groups: the EPs, the hamstring, the chest, the shoulder, the back, the arm and the abdomen.
The gym routine takes a minute on each element, but, of course, the practitioner can use the machine at his own time.
In this case, Jackson recommends that beginners repeat 10 to 12 times three times with a short break in the middle.
For beginners, there is no need to choose the lightest weight on each machine;
Ideally, he or she should deal with something that becomes difficult but not impossible at the end of the third set.
As for how often I should train, Jackson suggested starting three days a week to avoid overstressing myself.
In fact, he says it is important for all levels of strength training to have at least one muscle group rest for a day between training. So if . . .
Er, I mean, when I decided that I was going to train five times a week, I would train only a few specific groups on any day.
Jackson gave an example where Monday is \"leg day\", Tuesday may be back and shoulder day, and Wednesday is \"it\'s your arm day, so you\'re working on the bicep, triceps forearm.
\"In this way, when I go back to my legs to exercise, these muscles have rested, repaired themselves, and (hopefully)
A little bigger.
But for now, I will take a few days off and the coach advised me to keep stretching during those days, if possible, \"go out and do some cardio.
\"You may remember the practice of high school sports. E.
Class, such as sitting
Push-ups and push-ups
Ups can also improve non-Fitnessgym days.
Personally, I look forward to doing more of these things and becoming less soft.
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