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a 3-point blueprint for getting noticed by venture capitalists

by:QY Precision      2019-09-03
So you have a good idea, a big vision.
The strategy in the plan and the ambition to combine it all.
You already have everything you need to start a business, right? Wrong!
One key factor you lack: money.
The question is, can you package your ideas, vision, strategy, and ambition into a billion dollars?
Dollar venture capitalists are passionate about opening their wallets to fund your journey?
I recently sat down with Tony capaso, founder of building automation.
He recently announced his startup business on the new ABC Family reality TV Startup U.
The show is a bit like a shark tank, a bit like the real world, where 10 students from Draper University compete in Silicon Valley to get corporate funding from the famous billionaire venture capitalist, Tim Draper
Related: The five traits that investors are looking for in the blueprint of the corporate caspaso have caused him to receive attention in the program, and now he is putting it into action to see if the same plan will win Draper\'s
Here\'s his blueprint: the Startup U has several contestants in very different business verticals.
Architecture of Capasso,
The automation business is solving a big problem in the housing industry: the cost of building real estate.
He solved the problem before 3: 00.
D. printing factory.
Capasso explains the whole process, starting with a concrete pump connected to the printing Foundation on the CNC machine.
After sitting with Capasso for 30 minutes, there is no doubt that the future of real estate will be 3-D printing.
Capasso says VCs are listening to ads all day long.
Attracting their attention requires throwing something very big.
He quickly pointed out that he met nine other crazy big thinkers on the show, so it\'s far from enough to just have a good idea.
Aren\'t you going to eliminate millions of jobs by subverting the real world? estate-
Vertical development, I asked?
Capasso says one of the keys to getting the attention of VCs is the ability to answer tough questions.
His answer is to explain the concept of zero. marginal-cost society.
Related: asked to introduce the practices and precautions of venture capital companies capasso said that instead of looking for ways to increase employment opportunities for the economy, he saw a future in which, the price of everything is much lower than today so that people don\'t have to work all their lives.
In his vision, people work 20 hours a week because due to 3-D-
Building printing.
VCs like when you can answer tough questions, especially when you can answer them in different ways, says Capasso.
Capasso says VCs are as interested in the people around you as you think.
In Silicon Valley, the support that entrepreneurs receive is the most important thing in the world.
Silicon Valley is like a trend because everyone is happy to help you succeed, says Capasso.
There you have access to the minds of entrepreneurs, engineers and thought leaders who will always pick up your phone and guide you in the right direction.
According to Capasso, VCs want to know that you have found all the answers, or you have found out how to get the answers to make your business flourish.
So is Capasso\'s blueprint enough to get the attention of the VC to get the money he wants to fund his 3-D real-
Real estate printing company when starting a business?
Only time will tell him, but so far, the blueprint has put him on the ABC reality show, and the opportunity for VC support is not bad.
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