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a $70,000 bicycle inspired by thonet\'s no. 14 chair

by:QY Precision      2019-09-13
1859 Germany-
Austrian furniture maker Michael Thonet designed it first and it\'s good now.
The known bentwood.
14 chair, he probably never thought his company Thonet would inspire one of the most expensive bikes in the world.
But now, more than 150 years later, Australian architect Andy Martin used the company\'s legendary steam bending technology to create a Thonet bike for $70,000.
Using this low-tech process, Martin, with the help of a CNC machine, heated the wood bars with a steam box
The smooth mountain wool ball wooden frame and seat of the wheel bike look very similar to Thonet\'s bistro chair.
The bike has no brakes, adding more retro feel to the old bikeschool design (
If you go for a ride, be sure to wear a helmet. )
Although the manufacturing process is completely different, two kinds of wood are used to makewheeler isn’t.
Companies like Lagomorph and Waldmeister have put sports cars on the market, though, and it has also cost an amazing amount of less than $70. Travel to Co.
See the design for more photos.
If you are interested in purchasing this design, please visit the website of Andy Martin.
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