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9 Properties of CNC Router Engraving

by:QY Precision      2020-07-30
CNC router engraving dates from handmade and traditional numerical control processing. The 2 both have not necessarily similarities, but also some differences. Like any advanced production technologies, cnc engraving comprises some shortages of hand carving and traditional cnc machining; at same time, it is always greatest possible to soak up both advantages, digest in full, and usually form its own unique features. From now on, let us discuss 9 properties of CNC engraving jogging. 1. Processed Objects: 2. Technological Characteristics: CNC router manufacturing are only allowed to and must use small wood router bits, for usual and high efficient work process. 3. Engraved products: The CNC carving parts have high dimensional precision, and excellent consistence, this has very important significance to mold carving and high accuracy size demands of batch products (processing). 4. Fast speed milling and cutting: High speed milling machining is a make of fast rotation speed, small feeding and quick cut machining way, it is also vividly called as 'feed little, run fast' method and it is working principle. 5. Low labor intensity and high automation level: The operating system control metal carving tools moving automatically according to processing instructions, to finish engraved missions and reduce labor intensity vastly.The high-automated process make manufacture be freed from severe reliance on traditional manual sculpture operating skills. 6. Fast smooth connection properties: CNC engraver carving adaptively decides the connecting rate between current command and the next command. It not only greatly improves work efficiency, but also improves performance; besides, clear up the diamond bits marks on leading. 7. 3D simulation display function: You could observe 3D three-dimensional cutting results from all different degrees through easy operation, thereby we can know about the treating results more visually, more precisely and stronger. 8. Simulation function: It can rapidly simulate program for processing, and finish in so short any time. At the same time, check should the machine program run normally, if the ball end mill job is satisfying, and calculate the actual CNC router engraving time accurately. 9. Programming Software: It can be an important component of CNC lathe. For now, the software applied on machinery is and more flexible.
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