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9 One-Of-A-Kind Chairs That Can Double As Works Of Art

by:QY Precision      2019-09-05
A long time ago, the \"chair\" did not have such a dull reputation as it is today.
As a symbol of wealth and status, it has long been considered
Luxury reserved for the elite-
The weirdest inventions of the day
One of the most tedious items considered to exist: Machinesmade, mass-
Almost always buy goods in bulk (
Or at least in pairs).
However, in the collection of new, bold designers, former designers, the re-interpretation of the equipment appeared
The former glory of the legendary furniture is gradually recovering
Although now in a more ingenious (Not so solemn)light.
The following nine fully functional chairs
From The Debris covered by fire to the redesigned city sign --
Collective illustration of the incredible versatility of an object society has been taken for granted.
Every museum is made using a variety of unconventional materials and techniques.
The work must be extraordinary enough to leave you alone.
#1: melt like hollowed out
This field work designed by British designer Tom Price is part of a 12 \"melted\" chair, each made by heating and pressing the seat --
Shape molds for various hardware materials-
In this case, the polypropylene tube (
Usually used for pipes).
The end of the long plastic tube softens and blends in contact with the heatedform, creating an abstract hole pattern on the surface of the seat.
Other works of the series include chairs made of blue ropes, bronze molds, woven plastic carpets, and nylon ties.
#2: ParabolaWinner for the ICFF 2013 studio Award, a minimalist work in Los Angeles
Designer Carlo Arlo shows the seamless and unattractive geometry.
Although the construction of the stainless steel structure has two symmetrical curves in different directions, it is shocking that it is completely composed of straight bars, which makes it considered an extremely complex creation --
Actually very simple.
#3: President Gregory praised the almost ubiquitous railing in the traditional design of the Philippines, and President Gregory paid tribute not only to the roots of Kish, but also to his mother (
Works of the same name).
Handmade with kiln
The dry Gmelina Vine, throne-
It\'s like creating something that\'s a little contradictory.
Stylish organic, modern elegance.
Other components in the designer spindle-
Spurredcollection includes one or two
Seating version of Hair, as well as bookshelves, consoles, candle holders, cabinets, dining tables and buffet tables.
#4: smoking catering Dutch innovator maarten Baas uses his burning collection of burning flames to immortal the organic beauty of burning wood.
The elegant furniture is lit, quickly extinguished, and then doused with a transparent epoxy resin, turning them into exquisite works of art while maintaining the function. Thisleather-
The padded armchair allows the recliner to enjoy the strange feeling of sitting on the burnt wood (
Don\'t have to worry about the possibility of its sudden collapse).
#5: handmade leaves, Super of Folditure
Durable, waterproof chair-
Made of rigid aluminum plates and aircraft
Stainless steel rivets-
Take the concept of \"compact life\" to a whole new level.
This sculpture features a solid spatula folding technique, about halfan-
Inches thick when collapsed, not only beautiful
Pleasant installation but also an amazing space saving.
The revolutionary line of innovative companies also features \"cricket,
Cool matching table that can be easily folded in one hand.
#6: Broadway armchairs boldly encapsulate the urban jungle aesthetics, like the rest of designer Boris Baley\'s work, these brightly colored metalwork may not be the most comfortable, but they
Not just because they are made up of traffic signs).
Crafted by hand, themix-and-Matching seatseach eye-
Catchingenogh is showcasedsolo-
Cool Reston champagnecork feet. (
For those of you who like more svelte silhouettes, Rhode Island\'s \"Transport Chair\" series --
Long and thin back
May be more attractive. )
#7: ButakeA contemporary accepts a traditional Mexican-style chair with a 3D blurry pixel projected by butake (
Or tilted, up.
The downline of the wooden skyscraper depends on how you see it).
Completely by banak (
Wood in South America)
Solid wooden lounge
Designed by raul Téllez Herrera in Arquiteknia-
May feel a little uneasy considering your weakness
It looks sharp on the back and bottom edges; however, an x-
The light of the structure will soon show a metal frame that supports not only delicate seams, but also the blockages that make up the puzzle --like piece.
#8: layered cloud chair Dutch designer Richard Hutten\'s prism layered cloud chair is inspired by the curved and colorful nature of the Arizona painted desert, known for its vivid
Pigment rock formation.
Hutten strict old-fashioned thefunctionalcluster sphere by manual stacking545 Divinafabric of layersof Kvadrat (
Total 840)
Dyed in almost a hundred different shades.
According to the designer, all works are made by hand.
Then cut precisely with a CNC machine.
\"What I want is the design of textiles.
\"Instead of using the material as the cover, I created an object with the material,\" Hutten told Dezeen . \".
#9: Marco Costa, chief designer of the Portuguese brand Boca do Lobo, jokingly blends affluence with decay in the conceptualisation of the mall.
Rich frivolous, limited edition aluminum alloy chair
Urbane, not down yet-to-earth—
Challenge Gravity with its mind amazingboggling,three-legged frame.
There are three finishes (
Gold, silver, copper)
This whimsical handmade work reflects Costa\'s fascination with surrealism and his desire to capture the fragility of mankindin\'s work.
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