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64 cases of wiring problems found on shuttle fleet

by:QY Precision      2019-09-25
Posted online at 11: 37 on September 3, 1999m. EDT (1537 GMT)
Senior author of cnn interaction by Robin Lloyd (CNN)--
NASA technicians checked two orbiter in the space shuttle fleet and found more than 20 line problems, such as one that could lead to life --
On the shuttle in July, it threatened to short-circuit.
Inspectors found line defects in 38 locations in endeavor and 26 locations in Colombia.
Last fall, John Glenn returned to space in the latter car.
Less than half of the sites show gaps and other accidental damage, such as exposed wires that caused a short circuit five seconds after the launch in Colombia on July 23.
Space Shuttle program manager Ron Dittemore said the NASA manager decided on Thursday to expand their inspection to cover all the 100-mile wires in each of the four space shuttle orbiter.
Previously, the inspection involved only four lines of the shutdown ship payload cabin.
Due to additional time for further inspection and repair, neither of the space shuttle missions originally planned for launch in the coming weeks will increase by mid-termOctober.
\"We are working on all the lines on the entire vehicle from the nose to the tail,\" said George Diller, a spokesman for NASA\'s Kennedy Space Center.
\"We are trying to solve this problem so that we don\'t have to spend any more time in the future.
\"Endeavour was scheduled to launch in September 16, with the mission of mapping the Earth using a huge radar antenna.
Discovery is scheduled to launch in early October with the mission of repairing the gyro on Earth --
Space telescope around Hubble
Shuttle er said Shuttle managers are particularly keen to provide reliability for the upcoming mission to assemble the International Space Station.
The short circuit in Colombia is one-
NASA said that at the time of the incident, a technician did not intend to press a pack of wires on the stripped screws to rub the insulation of the wires.
The Wire and its insulation are about as thick as the paper clip.
Engineers believe that the vibration emitted in July 23 shook the wire to the point of contact with the screw, causing an arc.
The short engine lost power to two of the three engines on the shuttle, but behind-
The system took over.
A second short circuit would mean a permanent power outage for at least one engine, forcing astronauts to make an emergency landing in Florida or Africa and endangering the lives of astronauts.
There is no way to know how far the newly discovered wire damage date is, but despite the new-
Diller said that it was found that there was a general presence of damage that could lead to a short circuit.
Most of the damaged wires found in the past few weeks are \"no.
He said that in addition to the engine and life support system on the shuttle, the key \"system.
\"All these cabling systems, everything we call mission-critical, have dual or triple redundant systems,\" he said . \".
\"You will never let them know that you don\'t have this redundancy.
This is the question we cannot answer at this point.
Do we have all the redundancy?
\"Line damage was found and repaired in efforts.
Technicians are also taking steps to prevent future damage to the wire by installing flexible plastic pipes on the wire, smoothing and coating rough edges near the wire, and installing other protective shields.
Colombia is currently preparing for long-term development
Regular maintenance in California, inspectors will start a comprehensive line inspection.
Inspections of the Atlantic will begin later this month.
The managers are also reviewing the ground process to ensure that the way the technicians will carry out repairs in the future will not cause damage in the future, dithmore said.
Diller said that it is not clear how long it will take to complete a broad inspection, and until this progress is further, no new launch dates will be announced for the upcoming three shuttle missions.
The space shuttle manager will meet in two weeks to review the future launch date again.
The order of launch of endeavor and Discovery will depend on what is first prepared for launch.
At this point, he said, the inspection and repair of the latter orbiter is going further, which will allow the Hubble repair mission to complete the mapping mission ahead of schedule.
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