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6 Key Areas To Outsource When Starting A Business

by:QY Precision      2019-10-25
2014 a report from the Brookings Institution concluded that business vitality (
Number of new AmericansS.
Business formed compared to the number of closures)
Over the past few decades, despite the record levels of investment and loan holdings in venture capital and banking emerging growth businesses, it has slowed sharply.
There are many reasons for this, but it is clear that one of the important issues is cost: the funds and time needed to build a new business, including regulatory and compliance costs, labor, infrastructure, and more
The cost of starting a business can usually be divided into six categories: Source: starting a business.
Depending on the type of business (
Manufacturing, service or retail)
Just to start a new business, these costs can reach tens of thousands or even millions of dollars.
But there is actually a better way to outsource each internal business function to a company that will serve your company, in many cases, the cost is lower and the quality is higher than the cost of your own copy.
Outsourcing services are used by every enterprise.
Many enterprises do not deliver products directly to customers, nor do they audit or pay taxes on their own, nor do they
Insurance for business
They outsource functions that are not strategic, but that are necessary to manage business operations.
Consider everything that outsourcing has no strategic meaning to your business.
This includes your human resources (HR)
Support functions, accounting, manufacturing, transportation, and even your administrative staff.
You need a complete one.
Will Time CFO or controller, or a \"score\" CFO or controller that shares resources with other companies, work for you?
The concept of \"pay-as-you-go\" billing and often no upfront investment costs make outsourcing non-strategic features a compelling solution for emerging growth businesses.
Six outsourcing solutions 1.
Manufacturing: outsourcing and building your own manufacturing plants and processes is an important task.
The cost of purchasing factory facilities, manufacturing equipment and hiring workers is high. For most U. S.
The trend of companies, outsourcing and offshore manufacturing and assembly work to companies in China and other parts of Asia is of great economic significance.
With a wide range of expertise and facilities outside of global manufacturing, your company\'s products can be launched and operated at any time.
However, the situation has begun to change over the past few years, as the recession has reduced the proportion of domestic labor, while the proportion of labor in developing Asian countries has increased, making the competitive environment more equitable.
Evaluate outsourcing your manufacturing but not excluding the US. 2.
Finance and Accounting: the concept of fraction cfoyal small business uses very simple accounting packages, even QuickBooks, a valid accounting package for small and medium-sized businessesA large company
However, the biggest cost of your finances and accounting is the cost of personnel, including recruiting and retaining qualified personnel.
Also, unless you\'re a bigger middleman
Market business, your company may not need a completetime CFO.
Consider outsourcing all of your accounting and financial functions, which may include the use of a \"partial\" CFO who spends hours a week as the company\'s treasurer.
There are many high-quality financial and \"back office\" accounting institutions in the market.
The cost savings can be substantial and the time savings that management has focused on growth issues can be invaluable.
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Based on business philosophy.
Technology: it uses computing resources in cloud computing (
Hardware and software)
Provided through the network as a Service (
Usually Internet)
Thus avoiding the need for capital investment in technology and providing the use-
Pricing similar to electricity.
End user access cloud
Application-based through a web browser or lightweight desktop or mobile application, while business software and user data are stored on a server in a remote location.
The main advantages include: 4.
Administrative costs: another important cost category for any business in the office is fixed costs such as office rent, administrative and support costs, utilities, security, telephone and office equipment.
Many companies are transforming into shared locations and shared administrative services in the form of executive office suites.
These suites have full administrative support and do not take long
Regular leases, offices have been set up, usually available in several parts of the city, with facilities around the world, are very cost effective for new and emerging businesses.
Your business may start and run overnight in locations in multiple cities. 5.
Human resources: role of an occupational employer organization (PEOs)
It is a company that can manage and run most of the human resources functions of the enterprise.
Most small and medium-sized enterprises
Larger companies should consider the concept of outsourcing human resources, including recruitment, benefits, management, human resource compliance, and \"collaboration\"
Your staff is basically hired by PEO and you.
PEO can help with your salary and provide better benefits for your employees.
In addition, through the merger of PEO with other companies, you can get a significant discount on the cost of benefit. 6.
Sales and Marketing: Using Social Marketing on your website and social media accounts can save you a lot of marketing money.
Take a look at outbound marketing costs and see what can be replaced.
Advertising budgets, trade show engagement and general activities are the main areas for cutting or eliminating while effectively using enhanced inbound marketing methods.
In addition to the very low cost of using social media for sales outsourcing, there are many sales outsourcing companies that will run the entire sales process for your company, including potential customer contact, customer orders, customer relationship management, and product implementation (CRM).
So the natural question is, if I outsource everything, what else is left?
The answer is the intellectual capital of your company.
Successful companies always focus on what they are best.
Companies like Apple don\'t produce their products.
They outsource the process and focus on design and innovation.
By not outsourcing everything that does not promote creativity and growth, you may create insurmountable obstacles in starting a new business or developing an existing one. Outsource it!
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