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5G mobile phone, new opportunities for CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-02-29
The emergence of each product is inseparable from CNC machining customization, and every product update brings new opportunities to our industry. Smartphones are the best example. From the shell to the kernel, every component cannot be separated from precision mechanical parts processing. These days of orders have made many suppliers taste the benefits. Now 4G mobile phones are to be upgraded to 5G mobile phones, and the CNC lathe processing industry is focusing on this business opportunity. Many CNC machining customization enterprises have long started to lay out and bet on 5G mobile phones. The 5G concept has been fired for more than a year, so many precision mechanical parts processing suppliers are looking forward to it, and the improvement of performance is expected to be here. On July 23, ZTE took the lead in announcing the opening of pre-sale of the first 5G mobile phone. Huawei's first 5G mobile phone was also released in July 26. Of course, now it is only the testing stage, and the numerical control lathe processing industry still needs to wait patiently for a period of time for orders expected to blow out. As for the business opportunity of 5G replacement, many CNC machining customization experts also believe: 'At present, ZTE's high-end 5G mobile phones, which are mainly used by ZTE, will drive the 5G market to heat up rapidly. However, the selling price is still relatively far away from ordinary consumers, so there is a gap in the large number of orders expected by precision mechanical parts processing enterprises. Unless the price falls below 3000 yuan, it can be accepted by the general class. The 5G change tide will come soon, and orders from CNC lathe processing enterprises will certainly blow out. '
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