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5 gigantic influences of cnc machining on the manufacturing industry

by:QY Precision      2019-12-31
Since the first industrial revolution, the pattern of manufacturing has changed a lot.
Compared to manpower-
Facing the development of the 1900 s, industry 4.
0 focus on delivering influential products at record speed to meet the needs of modern consumers who need to be personalized, quality and speed.
Our goal is to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and accuracy while minimizing human error.
It\'s no wonder that many companies in manufacturing are turning to digital processes.
They are faster, easy to install and produce high
Less manpower and processing experience is required.
CNC machining is such a famous digital manufacturing process. The computer-
The controlled process is able to deliver thousands of similar CNC machined parts with unparalleled surface finish.
To understand how CNC machining has revolutionized manufacturing, let\'s take a brief look at its history.
Most of the technological revolution in the world can be attributed to CNC machining. Actually. Low-
High cost electronic products
Strength components for aircraft and medical devices
They are all possible thanks to the introduction of CNC machining.
Its history dates back to the 19 th century.
However, the first suitable CNC machine was launched only at 1950 s.
Unlike additional 3D printing, CNC machining is a subtraction process where tools are cut into metal and plastic to produce a high
Quality and function
Use products and prototypes.
The best part of today\'s manufacturing revolution is mass production.
Production is not limited to large factories and names.
Now, even small manufacturers can produce precision mechanical parts and manage them perfectly.
Some numbing facts about CNC machining over the years, the demand for precision and precision CNC machining has increased and will not stop soon.
Here are a few numbers to tell you why! 1.
The Global CNC Machine Tool market is expected to reach $100.
9 billion according to a new report from Grand View Research, Inc. , by 20252.
The annual compound growth rate is expected to be 6.
It was 8% during the forecast period. 3.
By 2025, the industry will dominate the market with a valuation of $25. 17 billion. 4.
The medical device industry is expected to witness 5.
Growth of 1% followed by aviation components and engines (3%)
Automobile manufacturing industry (2%). 5.
According to the data, in 2016, the market share of lathe processing exceeded 27%.
The growth of this segment can be attributed to 5-
Increase flexibility, reduce operating time, and avoid the impact of the shaft to operate the machine. 5.
Advanced, compact business needs
Large CNC machine with automatic tool change and multi-knife
Shaft processing technology is on the rise.
Some large manufacturing units and factories are increasingly using CNC lathes for operations such as cutting, drilling, rolling, deformation, facing and turning. Amazing!
For any manufacturing unit, CNC machining occupies a dominant position in the manufacturing industry. choosing CNC machining instead of traditional machining has become an obvious problem because it has many advantages. This include:1. Agile CNC -
100% complex or non-complex design delivery capability: this flexible process allows manufacturers to achieve simple or complex shapes with strict tolerances.
In the case of CAD, the CNC machine is able to provide perfect design repeatability.
Given the sensitivity of many industries such as healthcare, aerospace and defense, this factor is a key plus. 2. High-
Performance does not depend on: unlike traditional processing, in traditional processing, performance is heavily dependent on directly related people, and CNC machines can run day and night at set speeds without losing quality.
Speed, accuracy and efficiency are the main characters of CNC machining. 3.
In addition to manufacturing, CNC machining also has the versatility of materials and is an integral part of the metal manufacturing industry.
Metals such as steel, aluminum and alloys are carefully made into precision metal machined parts and then assembled into functional products.
Today\'s CNC manufacturing process has the latest tools and technologies, including 5-
CNC multi-axis machining
Spindle, touch screen control, etc. 4. Speed -
Higher productivity CNC machine tools are able to produce parts at a speed of 100x compared to traditional machining.
There is no doubt that an attribute is the most critical in this height --
Compete in the world.
The machine takes on the work normally undertaken by individuals, thus rapidly increasing productivity and greatly reducing the chance of human error. 5.
Intelligent manufacturing-
The whole concept of advanced programming and automation for CNC & automation is huge in today\'s CNC machine stores.
Automation is reasonable. it simplifies production and makes great work for our mechanics.
In addition, almost 100% accuracy can be done faster.
What will the CNC machining industry look like in the next 50 years?
With the expansion of CNC machining and manufacturing departments, CNC automation and robotics are taking a place in the regular production process.
In fact, some industries 4.
Experts believe that we will soon see smart factories designed to deal with new problems
The era of machine learning, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.
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