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4 lessons from the most interesting millennial entrepreneur in america

by:QY Precision      2019-10-16
Do you think millennials understand?
You will have different ideas when you meet Colin Wayne Owen.
Colin Wayne, he prefers to be called 28. year-
Millionaire from Huntsville, Alabama and CEO of Red Line steel. He is a high-
Drop-outs and military combat veterans injured by enemy rockets in Afghanistan.
He is also a former male fitness cover model, a social media expert who has built more than onemillion-
The US dollar industrial manufacturing business was realized in just 18 months.
Did I mention he was on the third Ferrari?
Yes, if the \"most interesting person in the world\" Internet fan has a young face, it could be Colin Wayne\'s face.
For the first time, Colin is a typical digital prototype.
Obsessed with millennialsSocial media? He’s a maven.
Selfies and photos? He is tailor-
Made for the age of Instagram.
He is very photogenic, very attractive, has a beautiful family, and there are many photos.
But this is the end of stereotypes.
Colin began to have a deep understanding of his life experience.
Colin was raised by a single mother and liberated from her when she was 16.
He dropped out of high school and joined the Army at 17.
He received a certificate of general education, served in the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and rose rapidly in the Army (SSG/E6)
Strong leadership and technical skills.
He has no sense of right.
When he was a defense ministry contractor in Afghanistan in 2012, he was wounded by an enemy rocket that fired shrapnel that ripped his legs, stomach and arm.
The rocket also left him with permanent nerve damage.
Colin did not respond. Pity or complaint.
Colin succeeded.
He did a hard job.
First at the gym, then his own meal supplement company, and now the CEO of Redline Steel.
Along the way, the lessons he learned not only broke the stereotype of millennials, but also showed the best things his generation can do.
There are many lessons from this veteran. turned-
Whether we are 25 or 85, entrepreneurs can teach us all.
Lesson 1: Redline Steel, redbig Colin\'s company, produces detailed Steel products for home decor.
Redline produces and sells personalized pieces of steel artwork, flags, art to commemorate soldiers, law enforcement officers, and fire fighters.
Redline has also customized monogramed products and steel art for homes and offices.
Redline\'s business model is production around the clock, focusing on quality and shipping directly to consumers.
The red line is a quick success in any sense.
Redline is currently operating for only 18 months, earning more than $11 million.
Demand for his products has allowed him to re-place orders, and Redline is expected to reach $30 million in 2018.
But Colin is not satisfied.
He has a plan to turn the red line into one billion.
Five years later, the dollar company sold directly to consumers, and in Colin\'s words, \"compete directly with Amazon --to-
Consumer home decoration.
\"He plans to establish fully automatic manufacturing, multiple fulfillment centers and other forms of prefabricated home decoration entities in the United States: Red line Wood, Red Line canvas, and franchise models for Red Line decoration retail stores (
His first retail store will open in the summer of 2018 at the Bridgetown Center in Huntsville, Alabama).
Lesson 2: Learn about your business and your finances. When I was with Colin, one of the things that impressed me most was his tenacity in his industry.
In our conversation, Colin spoke fluently from talking about CNC linear 4KW lasers (
Machine for cutting steel design)
Discuss the financial ratio of Redline in detail.
This is rare among small business owners.
In my work, my team and I funded the best veterans in the United States.
An enterprise with senior commercial loans and contract or invoice financing. (
Note: Redline is not a street customer).
At StreetShares, we found that most small business owners do not know much about their financial situation.
They understand the inside and outside of the business, but business finance is a difficult and elusive theme.
This is understandable.
But there are risks.
Because there are dozens of debt lenders, so-
Investors and advisers who take advantage of this ignorance.
Our team at street stocks is trying to bridge the gap between small business owners and the financial community.
But Colin, who has a GED degree and has no college education or formal business training, can qualify himself in any financial discussion.
He knew where his money came from and where it went.
All in all, he understood.
I asked him where he got all the financial knowledge.
\"The difficult road,\" he said . \"
At this point, Colin is an example for others of the importance of learning about your business and finances.
Lesson 3: give others a chance to prove themselves and improve themselves from Colin\'s view of recruitment, which is unique and his experience in the Army.
\"The military will not hire senior generals or senior soldier leaders from outside,\" Colin said . \".
\"You have to start at the bottom and go up from the inside.
In the Army, the new activists-
Private, sailor or pilot.
The new officers began as Lieutenant or lieutenant of the \"butter bar.
Service personnel start from the ground floor and rise over time and experience.
A new soldier who goes to Harvard has no advantage over someone who goes less.
Famous schools.
Military personnel are promoted according to their performance in the work at hand.
Colin takes the same approach in the red line.
Everyone starts at the bottom.
The best is to go up to the top and he makes them responsible.
\"I don\'t care about other people\'s resumes.
\"I don\'t even care about their criminal record to some extent,\" Colin said . \" To my surprise.
\"I will give you a chance.
But you have to work very hard to be successful on the red line.
\"Colin starts at the bottom and gives each member of his team an opportunity to grow into a greater responsibility.
Lesson 4: Finally, Colin is the hardest worker in your industry and he succeeded for a simple reason: he is willing to work harder than others.
\"We work seven days a week.
\"I put more time into the weekend than my competitors put in from Monday to Thursday,\" Colin told me . \".
\"When they work --
At the beginning of the week, I was four days earlier than them.
Colin used to move a camper car next door to his manufacturing plant so that he could work longer without taking the time to commute.
In fact, there is no right here for millennials. No shortcuts. No 4-
Life style design for hours work week.
Colin accepted a different way of life.
A man who is more like Gary vaenachuk than Tim Ferris.
A person who appreciates grinding.
Colin is committed to this work and will not stop until the task is completed.
On the battlefield, in the gym, in the manufacturing industry, no one is better than Colin Wayne.
But it is very satisfying to break them.
For successful millennials like Colin, stereotypes don\'t matter.
He is too busy at work to worry about what others think.
It was this attitude that made him so successful.
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