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4 Degrees That Are Better to Earn at a Community College

by:QY Precision      2019-10-26
In a highly competitive job market, a university degree is a clear advantage, but a bachelor\'s degree is not the only ticket for a good life.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations in the areas of health care, manufacturing and information technology provide graduates with associate bachelor\'s degrees with a median income of up to $55,000 or more.
In some cases, two people
A one-year degree or technical certificate can provide students with a better return on investment than four years. year degree. [
Figure out when to switch from a colleague to a bachelor. ]
Experts say it\'s worth getting a professional or technical degree when it comes to making big money without spending money in college.
There are four eligible degrees here that may offer graduates a better return than a bachelor\'s. 1.
Engineering technology: high
The technical employer is looking for specific skills that exceed the degree.
This is especially true in manufacturing, where it is difficult for employers to fill vacant positions, said Jason Premo, founder of Adex Machining Technologies, a South Carolina aerospace manufacturing company.
\"Proficiency in a variety of modern technologies used in practical areas, particularly individual certifications, is more valuable than standard degrees,\" Premo said, adding that, most of the jobs he employs do not require a bachelor\'s degree.
According to the online payroll database PayScale, graduates with a bachelor\'s degree in aerospace or electrical engineering usually earn an average of about $65,000 in the first few years of their work. A two-
A one-year degree in aerospace or electrical engineering technology can give graduates almost the same grade, Premo said. [
Learn how the vocational training program can close the skills gap. ]
The median salary for aerospace engineering technicians is $55,000.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, $75,000.
Extra on-the-
That number could rise sharply, Premo said.
A few of me made $95,000.
$110,000 promoted to programming engineer
Technical position with additional training, use 3-
He refers to computer CAD/CAM software.
Auxiliary design and manufacturing technology. 2.
Radiation technology and medical imaging: Radiation therapist, expert in nuclear medicine technology, diagnostic medical ultrasound
Students can pay jobs in two waysyear degree.
According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012, the average salary of radiation therapists and nuclear medicine technicians was US $77,560 and US $70,180 respectively.
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average salary of diagnostic ultrasound technicians is lower, at $65,860, but still nearly $20,000 higher than the average salary of young people with a bachelor\'s degree.
Demand in these regions is also growing rapidly.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that all three areas will grow by 20 to 40% by 2022.
Although there are bachelor\'s degrees in these areas, they have no significant difference in starting salary and still require students to obtain the same certificate.
Instead, students with a associate\'s degree can enter the field and pursue additional degrees and certificates to improve their careers. [
Find your career path at community college. ]3.
Plumbing and Heating: no university degree required to be a plumber or HVAC-
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning--technician.
Instead, the students became apprentices and startedthe-
Work training, salaries and courses in mathematics and science, covering topics related to the field, such as hydraulic and mechanical drawing.
The apprenticeship program can be provided directly through the union or through the community or technical college.
These programs are usually tuition fees.
The trainees receive free technical certification and professional licenses required to work in the field.
After completing the training, graduates of certain apprenticeship programs can receive up to 60 university credits thanks to the help of the United StatesS.
The Labor Department registered apprenticeship program.
According to a number of union websites, apprentices have lower wages in the first few years of the field, but their wages have increased significantly after completing the training, which usually takes five years.
In many cases, they also receive health insurance and pension plans.
Plumbers and HVAC technicians earn an average annual salary of more than $40,000 after completing their apprentices, and may exceed $75,000 in big cities, according to Forrester data.
Linda Couch, chief operating officer of mechanical contractor parriish Services, said that in addition to this, there is potential revenue.
\"Many residential service company technicians earn $100,000 between normal pay, overtime and bonuses or commissions,\" Couch said . \". 4.
Dental hygiene: Bachelor\'s and associate\'s degrees in dental hygiene are both considered entry-
The level of career requirements in the field, but the associate degree is by far a more common pathway.
Of the 335 authentication entries-
According to the American Association of Dental healers, 288 is a associate\'s degree program.
\"Getting a bachelor\'s degree and then eventually getting a master\'s degree is definitely beneficial for a hygienist interested in teaching or research,\" said Pamela Steinbach, director of education and research at ADHA.
At the moment, however, the associate\'s degree is sufficient for a professional licence, and the cost is much lower.
According to ADHA, the average tuition and fees for the associate degree in dental hygiene are less than $22,700, while the average tuition and fees for the bachelor\'s degree program are close to $36,400.
Steinbach acknowledges that the wage difference is not significant for those who work in a clinical setting, such as a dental clinic.
According to Forrester, the average wage for health workers in 2012 was $70,210, and the company also estimates that job vacancies in the field will increase by 33% over the next few years.
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