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27 new luxury watches for 2017

by:QY Precision      2019-09-05
There seems to be a growing consensus that the worst for the Swiss watch industry may have passed.
Shares of Richemont and Swatch Group rose sharply after Richemont released its third-quarter sales report on Thursday, up 6% year-on-year. over-year to $3.
3 billion jewelry sales growth 9% watch sales decreased slowing to 2%.
This was a significant improvement compared to the first half of 2016, when overall sales reported by the group fell by 13%.
Retail sales at Lifeng rose 12%.
Wholesale revenues fell by 3%, compared with 20% in the first half.
For Richemontas\'s 12 watch and jewelry brands, the good news comes at the right time and they will be on display at the premium watch international salon (SIHH)
January 16-20.
This is the first major watch show this year, with 30 brands and professional watchmakers, and one of the most important shows in the Swiss watch industry, especially in the luxury market.
Baume & Mercier Clifton GMT Power ReserveA watch for travelers, this 43mm steel case comes in polished and satin finish with a dark blue dial with sun
Satin finish for display date (3 o’clock)
Power Reserve (6 o’clock)
And GMT function (12 o’clock)
Make it possible to display two different time zones.
It is driven by Soprod 9035 caliber with round-
Textured finished boards and bridges, as well as \"gene é ve\" decorated with oscillating weight \".
The latest version of the watch series, launched in 2014, has an oval 34mm round case
Bazel-shaped, inlaid with 30 diamonds in the shape of two monthly teeth.
The blue paint dial complements the moon.
It is driven by quartz Ronda 708.
Professional watchmaker says the Greubel Forsey art edition 2A watch has developed the time display function.
The double tourbillon seems to be a moving sculpture. A push-
Piece controls the \"bistability\" mechanism for displaying hours and minutes.
The power reserve is the main display on this watch, and the manufacturer says \"What we are thinking about is not the current time, but the rest of the time.
\"Several pieces will be provided each year.
Greubel Forsey signature 1 PlatinumThis is the third edition of the series of watches and the first platinum watch
Gold dial.
The signature project develops clocks designed by visionary men and women with the help of superior technology and expertise.
Didier cretin designed a hand.
A three-handed wrapped watch with a specially designed Greubel Forsey balance wheel system.
In this new version,
The center of the dial is non-smoking black-
Color gold is in sharp contrast to mechanical materials.
The dial is small and flat, revealing the interwoven lines of the watch\'s metal structure. The hour-Ringtones and minutes
Circles appear in white.
Each watch is numbered and the model number is limited to 11 pieces.
Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 seconded edition history this model ends the series of \"Tourbillon 24 seconded asymétrique\" which has been produced in limited quantities since 2007.
The second and Power Reserve display was redesigned.
Asymétrique is a model that can attach the Tourbillon 24 --
At 8: 00, the third \"basic invention\" of Greubel Forsey \"--
Enter a clock for the first time.
This paved the way for a contemporary and visual version of the tourbillon for 24 seconds.
The latter model won the aiguille d\'Or Grand Prix in 2015.
This is the second time that the Greubel Forsey watch has been awarded a historical version, marking the end of the collection.
The watch features a 5 N red gold case and silver --
White dial or platinum case and non smoking dial.
Limited to 11 pieces per version.
In pullatin Grebel fuse, Grebel fuse extended the secondary visual series of The Tourbillon 24 with four dial versions: \"Salmon\", \"chocolate\", \"Blue
\"These versions follow the success of getting Aiguille d\'Or 2015 watches at the Geneva Grand Prix.
The most notable feature of this watch is the two curved Tourbillon bridges
Polished finish. The multi-
The grade gold dial has been engraved (
Or gold decals depending on version)
Full of grand feu (champlevé)enamel.
The hourly, minute and small second hands are made of polished steel and are blue in some versions.
Polish the sink with your hands.
This is limited in quantity.
After 11 years of research and development, the application of two patents, the development of pure sound acoustic resonance Cage entered the creation of this watch with 11 safety functions and at least 935 components.
It is equipped with a silent eye-catching regulator and a 24-second Tourbillon, all of which are placed inside
Balance in the standard size of Greubel forsey43. 5mm case.
The watch brand says it is the most complex watch it makes.
It uses the motion of manual winding, but the impact mechanism has self
Winding system that provides about 20 hours of power reserve in Grande Sonnerie mode.
It runs in three modes:
Strike in hours and quarters)
The petite son (
Strike in the whole hour)
And silent mode.
An acoustic resonance cage made of titanium enhances sound.
Limit five to eight pieces per year.
HYT Skull PocketWatchmakers HYT, whose liquid mechanical watch has received a lot of praise in just a few years, launched the first pocket watch with the first Skull and mechanical light source combination and exclusive finish.
The 59mm case is made of titanium and black DLC titanium with customizable leatherembossed cover.
The light source module works by converting the mechanical power supply into electricity.
The barrel spring is loaded when pushing
The button crown at 4: 30 was opened.
Press this button.
Button Crown release spring and turn Micro
A high-speed generator that generates the power required to activate two LEDs.
This bathes the head bone pocket in a soft blue light and makes the green liquid glow.
The light lasts about five seconds.
Patent components include no less than 82 components.
It has a limited edition of 8 pieces. Jaeger-
The Vous collection for 2017 brings together the talents of the watchmaker and craftsman, introducing the moon phase, Bell reminder function and new colors, including yellow and rose gold;
And steel or crocodile leather in a variety of colors. Rendez-
Big night and day
With the new big 38.
In the case of 2mm, the owner of this watch can now change the strap without the need for tools.
It\'s by in-
House 898D/1 automatic movement. Rendez-
Noss\'s little sonata
This model introduces a timing mechanism by moving a decorative star around the dial.
In the selected time, you can hear the exquisite single hammer tapping.
There are two versions: one is a rose gold model with a fine Gilo cut finish with a blue steel hand and the other is day-
Six o\'clock A. M. night indicator.
It also has platinum, a purple crystal dial and bright cut diamonds decorated with bezel, lugs and the edge of the case.
It\'s made by a new
Automatic movement of 735 caliber. Rendez-
Vous Moon Medium-this 36mm watch is made of steel or rose gold for the first time.
The end of the moon phase guilloché appears on the dial and disk, and the moon phase on the disk itself is located in brilliant-cut diamond-set bezel.
It\'s by in-
House caliber 935A movement. Jaeger-
The latest explanation for this watch collection is the gray magnet dial with opaline finish.
This watch also uses \"double\"
The concept of wing, which consists of two different mechanisms, provides separate energies for complex movements and movements.
Dumére spirotbilon-Double-
The wing concept enables the brand to create a tourbillon with precise adjustments.
According to the anti-excitation principle, by using push-
2 points located under the tourbillon, there is no function to stop the regulation of organs.
The small second hand is reset and moved forward immediately, accurate to a second. A multi-
The axis tourbillon rotates around the axis in its titanium cage in a traditional way, and then around the second axis with a tilt of 20 degrees.
The combination of these two rotations (
30 seconds and 15 seconds, respectively)
Enables the watch to counter the effects of gravity in all positions.
It\'s by in-
House caliber 382 mechanical movement. A 24-
The hour sub-dial on the upper part of the dial is used to display the time in another time-zone.
This latest model has cosmetic improvement (
Case with welded lugs and opaline magnet gray dial)
Living in a family-
The Leccaliber caliber 380, the company\'s first sport uses doubleWing concept.
In this case, it is used to make an accurate chronograph like an observatory.
The first train is dedicated to the time function (
Time, minutes, seconds)
The second round of the train is specially timed with a 1/6 second jump.
Each of these two mechanisms is driven by its own barrel, ensuring 50-
Hourly power reserve for each function, there is no energy transfer between the two.
A single crown can wrap two barrels at the same time: rotate the Crown clockwise, and rotate against the wind
The watch rotates clockwise. A single push-
Piece synchronizes all five time counters.
Duomètre me Lunaire 42-double in this case
According to the company, the wing concept is used to make a calendar watch that is as accurate as a timer.
It\'s by in-
House caliber 381.
The retro style of the Montblanc 1858 series enhances the retro style of the Montblanc 1858 series by introducing bronze
Brand first.
This metal Montblanc combines the traditional Swiss manual watchmaking process with the real materials in the history of watchmaking, reflecting the military spirit of 1930.
Bronze is a complement to the dial and antiquesstyle straps.
According to the brand, bronze was first combined with steel for two new models in the watchmaking industry.
The subtle changes in the color of the case further enrich the retro charm of each watch.
The historical design code obtained from the original 1930 s Minerva chronograph includes a large cathedral pointer, and its cloisonne design is full of beige Super-
Glowing Arabic numerals, retro-shaped crowns and classic minute rail tracks around the dial.
Other retro codes include the original Montblanc logo of the 1930 s, as well as the historical font and logo of the Mont Blanc in the center, as well as the new cognac-
The colorful calf leather strap and the crocodile leather strap make the artisans of Florence\'s Montblanc peretia look retro.
Montblanc 1858 speedometer Limited Edition-retro design for this traditional manual single-door Chronograph
Vintage champagne dial with Sun finish to match the bronze color of the case.
It is placed in a 44mm bronze shell with a bronze colored titanium shell on the back (
Avoid allergies)
Polished bezel.
It is powered by the Minerva MB m16.
29. with column wheel mechanism, horizontal coupling, \"V\"-shaped timing Bridge, large screwing wheel, the frequency is 18,000 semi-oscillation per hour, and the power reserve is 50 hours.
This time watch is completely handmade at the Montblanc factory in Villeret.
The MB m16 is designed in a large \"pocket watch\" style.
The inspiration for manual movement comes from the original Minerva 17.
Designed for a 1930 s pocket watch and a 29-caliber watch.
A limited number of 100 pieces.
Montblanc 1858 fully automatic double time-this watch features a copper bezel and crown in a 44mm stainless steel case.
Driven by automatic caliber MB 29.
19, it has fully developed and assembled in-
House with family time indication and day and night display.
Users can set the local time hour hand to the new destination time zone without affecting the main time hour hand.
During this setup, the minute and second hands also continue to run continuously to maintain an accurate time.
One day on the black dial-
You can see the night indicator at 12: 00.
At 6, a sub-dial indicates the small seconds and date associated with the local time.
Montblanc 1858 Automatic-this watch combines vintage 1858 series elements in the design of Minerva military watch and 1930 s pocket watch.
The 44mm stainless steel case features a dark black dial.
Both the bezel and the Crown are made of bronze.
The back of the case shows the carvings made by Villeret Minerva with the background of the Jura mountains.
There are also the Roberts Flores villarette logo, the historic Minerva logo, the Montblanc name, and the arrows on the goddess Minerva spear.
This watch uses MB 24.
Move automatically.
Panerai Radiomir 3 days Acciaio-47 mmIn late 1930, Panerai 12-
The side bezel, engraved with the words \"OFFICINE PANERAI-BREVETTATO\", refers to the patented luminous substance Radiomir used on the dial.
This shows that these watches are not for military operations but are submitted to the Royal Italian Navy for the evaluation of new instruments for underwater missions.
The new Radiomir 3-day Acciaio model reproduces the basic features of these vintage watches in two special versions: the black dial (PAM00685)
Or the original shadow brown dial (PAM00687).
The first retro detail of the new Radiomir 3-day Acciaio is 12-
Brush the steel side baffle, smooth, polished angle and the same engraving as the historical model.
The 47mm case is made of a polished stainless steel of the AISI brand-1, which is the same size as the classic of the vintage Panerai watch.
The wire ring strap accessory is removable, making the untreated brown leather strap easy to replace.
On the bottom cover, P was exposed by a sapphire window. 3000 hand-
Mechanical with three wounds
Power Reserve during the day, created in Panerai manufacturing in nechtel.
Parmigiani Tonda métrographethis this new métrographhe watch combines its iconic city and expressive features with new indications such as the tachometer.
This 40mm steel case features a black oxidized dial or a white silver dial.
The black dial is equipped with a pink rose gold detail that matches the hands of the two dials and the second hand.
White dial with blue pointer.
By using the chase tool to implement the snailed decoration underneath the application and inside the counter, the tool creates concentric patterns with stripe effects.
It\'s by in-
Buffet room PF315
Clockwork movement with timing module.
Piaget Altiplano 60 th anniversary collection celebrates its Super 60 th anniversary
Piaget has launched a limited edition watch --
Starting with the launch of two watches from SIHH, the design code for both watches began with the first Antiplano model launched in 1957.
Piajie plateau self
Winding 43mm-the first ever appearance of \"piajie car\" in history\"
The brand\'s Thin watch is copied with the subtle update of the letter \". This large-sized ultra-
The thin table is equipped with a caliber of 1200 P, which is its fourth generation Super
Thin automatic motion, measurement 2. 35 mm.
The 18 k platinum case with sapphire crystal is provided with round gentes de Genève, round-
Satin textured motherboard
Pull wire steel parts and blue screws.
Adopt off-centered micro-
The original caliber rotor principle, the automatic version reveals the gold oscillating weight engraved with the leather jacketof-arms.
Piyajie\'s plateau manual-
Winding 38mm-caliber 430 P (2. 1 mm thick)
Representing the second-generation manual of Piaget
Winding Motion.
Richard Mille RM 037 with gems-
This is the first time Richard Mille has used NTPT carbon on a female watch.
This is an iconic feature of the men\'s clothing collection.
For the first time, the watch manufacturer put diamonds into the material, which is not a small feat.
The hardness and resistance of NTPT carbon means that milling special CNC machines equipped with diamond tools need to be straightened as involved in the pin setting. Hand-
Produce polished spires in red or white gold, respectively, and then insert around many 0.
The 25mm bearing contains up to 250 diamonds firmly.
Roger Dubuis 2017 Excalibur Series This luxury watch brand has added three new watches to its Excaliber series and even a new metal.
Excalibur Quatuor blue cobalt micromelt box-the model introduces high
Performance of 48mm case, bezel, case cobalt-chromium alloy-
By using micro-melting technology, the back and the top-
The process of melting and atomization the alloy into a powder and then pressing it with a heat gauge to obtain density, heatWork to heat
It is then processed to the right size.
9 points, the dial consists of a blue cvd coated dial with red and white printed minute tracks, a blue cvd coated flange, a rhodium-plated index, and a power reserve indicator.
It is driven by manual motion of caliber RD101 with 40-
Electricity reserves per hour.
Limited to 8 pieces.
Excalibur Spider skeleton automatic-45mm titanium DLC case and titanium Grade 5 bezel decorated with black vulcanization rubber with a skeleton on it
The flange dial is low with cushion black and blue paint-
With minute flange
White printed track.
It is automatic skeleton movement by caliber RD820SQ with microrotor.
Limited to 88 pieces.
The Excalibur 36-titanium DLC bezel is equipped with 48 blue sapphire.
The 36mm titanium DLC case is equipped with a sun dial coated with blue cvd, platinum plated and printed indexes, and a snailed small second counter with blue cvd at 6 points and a small second counter.
It is driven by the caliber RD830 automatic movement with 48-
Electricity reserves per hour.
Limited to 28 pieces.
Ulysse Nardin Classico manufacture this 40mm stainless steel watch features a blue dial, owned by one of the few companies in the world dedicated to this 17th-century technology: donzécad Athens watch.
It\'s by in-
Automatic United Nations System
Use the 320 caliber of the silicon travel wire and the anchor escapement mechanism.
Ulysse Nardin limited edition hourly striker Pin-
Even in the age of internet porn, there is still a market for porn watches and Ulysse Nardin is happy to meet that demand.
A funny dancer posing in high heel sandals with a flower in her hair, her humility is hardly covered up by colorful peacock feathers, all of which are made up of in-
The house of a miniature painter.
By using a delicate brush, the acrylic color is applied and mixed directly on the dial.
It can take 50 to 90 hours to complete each creation.
When the dancer sweeps back to expose her, the hourstriker function shows the curve of the dancer . . . . . . Well . . . . . . Unique attributes.
This obvious complication occurs in half an hour.
Hours, every push-
The button is activated.
It is United Nations by caliber
610 automatic movement with 42-
Electricity reserves per hour.
It is all stored in the 42mm case of rose gold or platinum.
Limited to 28 pieces.
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