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The processing action of Dongguan sheet metal processing factory

by:QY Precision      2020-03-02

Introduction to the processing flow of Dongguan sheet metal processing factory _ the processing action of Dongguan sheet metal processing factory is not much different from that of other regions, however, the technology and process used in the processing process are unnecessary. Why do you think so? The details are as follows: Generally speaking, there are three main processing processes in Dongguan sheet metal processing factory: cutting, punching/cutting and folding. First, the first step is to cut the material (Also known as blanking)Process. In general, on-site workers will cut the parts of the appropriate size from the large plate by the shearing machine according to the development drawing provided by the technical department. If it is a punch, the dead zone of the clamp must be considered. After the blanking is finished, the worker will mark the item number with a marker on the appearance of each piece of raw material. There are also some factories that do not have this processing step, directly typeset on standard plates, and then directly Press/cut. Second, the raw materials will be sent to the CNC punching machine/cutting machine for punching/cutting process. In this process, NC ( Objective Control)Code. Most machine tool manufacturers now supply automatic programming software ( Domestic manufacturers simply cooperate with foreign software companies to sell OEM, so they do not have their own software development team)Therefore, it is greatly convenient for programming engineers. The factors to be considered by stamping/cutting programming engineers are plate utilization, cutting tools, power, accuracy and so on. After the stamping/cutting is completed, the parts are removed from the micro-connection and then sent to the bending machine for bending. Third, in the bending process, the main consideration is tool selection, bending sequence, bending compensation, bending interference, etc. Generally, bending programming software will be sold randomly, but most CNC bending machines in China are still manual programming, often relying too much on the experience of the master, on the other hand, the domestic manufacturing process requirements have a certain interval compared with foreign countries, so the power has not improved, and the function of the CNC bending machine has not been brought into full play. If the above three processes have the problem of machining deformation during sheet metal processing, how should we solve it? Generally, the deformation of sheet metal processing in the cooling process is related to the type of quenching medium, cooling performance, quenching hardness and other factors, at this time, it is necessary to adjust the viscosity, temperature, liquid level pressure, use of additives, stirring, etc.  of the medium. The higher the viscosity of quenching oil, the higher the temperature, the smaller the oval deformation. In the static state, the deformation is small. In the heat treatment of forgings, the deformation of sheet metal processing is related to the way it is placed.  This is to hang it as vertically as possible, to place it vertically at the bottom of the furnace, and to support it horizontally with two points, the fulcrum position is between 1/3 and 1/4 of the total length, and the fourth is placed flat on the heat-resistant steel tooling. In addition to the above-mentioned processes of the three Dongguan sheet metal processing plants, there are also some processes such as welding, polishing, painting, assembly and packaging.                                

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