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the processing sequence of CNC machining of equipment casing

by:QY Precision      2020-03-01

Understand the processing sequence of CNC machining of equipment casing _ every thing we do in life is orderly, and people who do things like this often live a very delicate and practical life. So is what we do at work. Just like a CNC machining part, where to start first, and then make exquisite products, there is an orderly process. There are often several surfaces on a CNC machining part that need to be machined.  These surfaces not only have certain precision requirements, but also have certain position requirements on each surface. In order to meet these precision requirements, the machining sequence of each surface of CNC machining parts cannot be arranged at will, but must be in a certain machining sequence, which is that the selection and conversion of positioning criteria determine the machining sequence, and the principle that the previous process prepares the positioning reference for the subsequent process. First of all, the first step, CNC machining parts as a precise surface should be processed at the beginning of the CNC machining process, because it should be used to locate other surfaces in subsequent processes. That isFirst accurate operation'. The second step is to accurately position the precise surface with a thick base. In single piece, small batch production, or even batch production, for castings and forgings with complex shapes or large sizes, and blanks with large dimensional errors, before the machining process, the scribing process should be arranged first to provide a positive basis for accurate processing. The third step is to rough, semi-finish and finish the main surfaces with high precision requirements after we have finished processing accurately. The surface with particularly high precision requirements also needs to be polished. The fourth step is to take a rest on the precision before the important surface is processed, so as to ensure the machining accuracy of the important surface. The last step is for CNC machining processes that are prone to waste products.  Finishing and finishing machining can be placed in front, and some minor surface machining can be placed behind. More consultation to find Dongguan Huili hardware.                                

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