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by:QY Precision      2019-10-05
Sarah Griffiths published: EDT 09: 30 on January 7, 2014 | update: EDT 10: 47 on January 7, 2014, many of us as children like to play rubber bands with unsuspecting school friends, but now, A man took inspiration from his young days and created what he thought was an office buff weapon.
Rubber band gun can fire 672 rubber bands, 26 feet (eight metres)
Starting at 16 barrels, at 14 times per second.
While this weapon will undoubtedly bring pain to human goals, the design students behind the toy are trying to raise money in order to sell his wooden installations to the public later this year.
Scroll down to watch the video. The gun is powered by five AA batteries and can reload more ammunition in just a few minutes.
18-year-old design student Alex Shpetniy built his device on Gatlin\'s gun
The world\'s first fastfire weapons.
The predecessor of the modern machine gun, Richard Gatlin, was originally invented by him, and he was known for being used by federal forces during the American Civil War in 1860, the first time it was used in combat.
Mr. Shpetniy spent a year developing the toy.
He thinks this is the most advanced rubber band gun in the world.
He used the techniques he honed to make aircraft models.
The Ukrainian student is raising money on Kickstarter and has attracted a pledge of $70,000, more than the $5,000 he has started to raise, indicating the need for this DIY weapon.
The gun is expected to be sold for $140 this year (around £80).
Mr. Shpetniy said that as a child, everyone likes to play rubber band competitions, and now children of all ages can enjoy practicing shooting skills with rubber band machine guns.
He explained that the automatic machine gun was made of birch plywood and was cut out using CNC (
Computer numerical control)
Machine, which allows the user to enter the design using the computer and then crop it using the router.
The gun comes in three colors: the original Birch, the burnt wood, and the black.
Mr. Shpetniy said: \"With my rubber band gun, everyone can feel like Rambo, launching a rubber storm and throwing a pound at the opponent
He explained that after seeing a simpler rubber band gun on the Internet, he had the idea of making a machine gun that fired rubber bands.
\"I have a lot of experience with wood, so I started working on the first prototype soon.
The rope is wound around the drum, through the cut in the bucket, and then the rubber band extends to the rope.
The electric motor wound down from the rope, pulling the rubber band one by one and releasing the rubber band into the flight.
\"I \'ve been working on this gun for the past year, and the last stage is to invent the\" fast charger \", which means you can reload the rubber band quickly.
He claims there is nothing else in the market like that.
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