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by:QY Precision      2019-09-29
Released By Sara Malm: 20: 05 EDT | update: 12: 47 EDT on March 6, 2014, Google\'s \"mystery bar\" was finally ordered to move from San Francisco to its new home in the California Delta in March 7, 2014 at this online business.
High 50, four
The story ship is made from recycled containers and is said to be part of three containers
Will cost Google\'s fleet of ships.
About $35 million
When they lacked proper building permits at the end of last year, the building stopped and Google decided to move the project to Stockton, which is said to be the \"interactive technology center \".
The barge, which departed from Treasure Island in San Francisco last month, has now arrived at the new pier.
The ultimate goal of the barge has been debated for months, and Google claims it will become an \"interactive technology center \", although the original documents of Turner Construction, a construction company, describe the plan for a \"floating retail store.
However, there are various theories put forward about its purpose.
One of the most popular is that Google is building a party ship that executives can chat with government leaders and key customers.
Google itself has been enjoying attention and gossip, recently released
A goodwill statement about moving to Stockton.
It was a busy six months for our barge and it was tired of all the attention so we moved it over to Stockton where it could take a break, enjoy the city\'s delicious Google jokes that the climate is warming and take a break before the next chapter.
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