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$100K manufacturing jobs

by:QY Precision      2019-10-26
Follow us: young Americans avoid factory work because they think they are not cool.
But they need to do some homework.
Some positions are paid close to six digits. NEW YORK (CNNMoney)--
What\'s wrong with a factory job of $100,000?
Not many days.
In fact, the work of the factory-
Once you think about it-
Broken low-paying --
It has become very high. tech and high-salaried.
The factory owner said young people still don\'t understand that they can\'t find enough skilled workers.
\"When I was an apprentice in my 70 s, the children were eager to enter the manufacturing industry.
\"There\'s a lot of work in the factory,\" says Joe cedrak, a mechanic at Baltimore Chesapeake machinery.
\"There is work to be done today.
But the kids don\'t want it.
\"Stereotypes about factory work still exist.
The factory owner complained that the media did not help.
\"On TV, kids don\'t see a lot of positive images of manufacturing,\" said Bill Mach, president of Mach Mold, a plastic Mold maker at Port Benton, Michigan.
There will be a scene for a show, \"an old dark building, a bird flying out of the building, something bad happened.
\"Scott Paul, executive director of the US manufacturing Alliance, agreed.
\"Pop culture has a great impact on young people,\" he said . \" He added that the most recent positive pop culture description he could think of for manufacturing is Iron Man.
The industry needs to improve its image, and young people need education about high-end education.
Experts say the factory is skilled in its work.
An aspiring mechanic. -
Work in a popular Factory-
Can start training at 18 and then do-or two-
Manufacturing apprentices.
In five years, he or she may earn more than $50,000.
This could double in 10 years to $100,000.
28-year-old of wages goodyear-old.
\"If you are really good at your job, you can be employed for a long time because we have very few,\" Sedlak said . \".
Cedrak\'s top workers earn $30 an hour.
His company earns between $70,000 and $80,000 a year and works overtime.
In 31 years, only three workers have retired from his factory.
Despite this, nearly 13 million Americans, including many high school graduates, are still unemployed and he is still trying to fill the gap.
This was highlighted in a recent report by Deloitte.
The company says manufacturers are currently in 600,000 vacancies across the country.
\"When we push manufacturing abroad, we push jobs abroad,\" Sedlak said . \".
The subsequent downward spiral is fast.
With the job gone, the school ended the vocational course.
Children have lost interest in manufacturing.
Many states have stopped sponsoring apprenticeship programs in factories.
Last week, 17-year-old Justin Lavanway and two of his high school partners visited Mach Mold to learn more about manufacturing and its work.
His grandfather was a professional mechanic at Whirlpool.
\"I see this is a fairly stable career for him,\" Lavanway said . \".
\"That\'s why I keep the option open.
\"But his friend, Joseph Johnson, 18, and Charlie Leaf, 18, are not interested in manufacturing.
\"The public school system tells students that we have to go to college in order to be successful,\" Johnson said . \".
\"From the time you are young, you will hear that you must do so in order to achieve the American dream.
Johnson and Leff also don\'t think manufacturing can provide a stable career.
Mach often hears this sentence from young people, even through manufacturing is a profound --
A career rooted in generations of families in southwest Michigan.
That\'s not true, he said.
\"There are 40 people in my factory.
Half of them stayed there for 15 to 25 years.
\"There is no simple answer to how to change the image of manufacturing,\" Paul said . \".
The company itself has to deal with this challenge, he said.
One of the ideas, Paul says, is to switch to pop culture.
\"Maybe we need cool people like Clint Eastwood to say, \'Go to the factory work\' as a follow-up to his Super Bowl Chrysler ad.
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